Essay About Production Management

Researchers contend that a quality circle of activities is crucial to an organization's success. According to Rohilla and Chaudhary (2016), one of the best quality circle practices is the adoption of an activity timetable, which directs the activities of the people in an organization. The creation of an activity schedule aids in the identification of the individuals who will be executing various tasks in a project. It is vital that an entity's management organizes the activity circle in the form of a calendar to reduce the emergence of conflicts in the tasks performed by a company on a given date (Rohilla & Chaudhary, 2016). The quality circle of activity in an enterprise should also involve effective motivation of the employees (Rohilla & Chaudhary, 2016). The inspiration that the workers obtain from the leaders efficiently aid in the process of ensuring that the workers engage in the brainstorming activities thus help in the formulation of strategies for solving the challenges the production department encounters. Also, it is essential that the organizers of a quality activity circle exhibit proper leadership styles, such as transformative leadership to enhance the effectiveness of the

It is also necessary that the production manager works with other leaders in the organization to evaluate the quality circle activities (ShantanuWelekar, 2013). In reality, a company consists of various departments, which perform different duties to help in the achievement of the firm's goals. Moreover, the cooperation between the heads of various departments in an enterprise aids in the efficient identification of the challenges, which affect the production processes in a company. In summary, the management support, motivation of the employees and the formulation of a plan are the critical success factors for a quality circle of activity in an enterprise.


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