Effects of Social Media

One of the sizable impacts of technology is the creation of a platform the place users can access the internet using their phones.

In the past, internet access was solely possible using computers. Currently, the smartphones have internet get entry to enabling the users to access their social media handles from any location. The easy accessibility makes the customers accord too much attention to the phones as adversarial to the people around.

Social media sites accessed through the smartphone are very addictive to the users, especially the students. An adverse use of the social media can affect the college students in multiple ways concerning their academic performance and social interaction. The excessive use of social media on cellular devices is responsible for poor performance in class as well as the development of antisocial behavior among students.

Excessive use of social media

Excessive use of social media is the negative implication on the academic performance of a student. Social media is a very addictive platform. If not regulated, it is possible for a student to spend a lot of time in the media and forget about the studies. The first time I owned a phone, I spent over ten hours in the media on a daily basis. I used to chat with my friends from school and within the neighborhood. It was impossible for me to spend a full hour without touching my phone and checking up on the status updates of my friends. Spending the time in the media reduced the attention accorded to my studies. I could stay late chatting with friends instead of utilizing the same energy on my studies. Eventually, I realized that my academic performance was lowering due to my addiction to social media.

Similarly, many students spend a lot of time in the media. The easy accessibility to phones means that all students in the class can afford a cellular device. Therefore, all students have social media accounts, which we use in communication. As much as most of the people I chat with are from the school, none of the chats has any academic material. The investment of so much time on the cellular devices diverts attention from scholarly work. It is a common sight to see students chatting in the middle of the class. Therefore, it becomes impossible to concentrate on academic activities while talking online. The addictive nature of the platform is the fundamental reason behind the poor performance of the students in the class. Therefore, social media diverts the attention of the students from their academic work leading to poor performance in class.

Based on my experience with the use of social media, the users adopt an antisocial behavior towards those around them. Users of social media direct a considerable amount of their attention to the phones as compared to the people around them. The antisocial behavior is becoming intense to the point of finding people sited in a room chatting through their phones instead of talking. Most of the older generation describes the practice as very weird. The social media made the young people appreciate online presence more than the physical presence. The users prefer creating a strong friendship with the people in social media through sharing of pictures and messages as opposed to interacting socially with the people around. The antisocial behavior makes social media users find it challenging to interact with people in a physical platform due to preference of the media.

My first phone was always in my hands at all times. At home, my mother used to repeat most of the instructions or shout to capture my attention. When walking to the shop, my phone was always on my hands and my attention on the media. Therefore, it was impossible for me to interact with my friends on my way to school or the shop due to my phone. The behavior is very common to social media users. However, the realization of my dwindling academic performance and my failing social skills necessitated the change of the behavior. Therefore, I reduced the amount of time spent on the media during the day as well as the nights. More so, I invested most of my attention to the people around me as opposed to my phone. The positive outcome of the change demonstrated the effects of social media on the students.

Social media has a diverse usage for the fans. The possession of phones with the ability to access the internet makes it easier for the users to access the services from any locality. However, the addiction associated with social media is very dangerous for students. Lack of control might result in academic failure due to the investment of a significant amount of time in the media. More so, the users develop an antisocial behavior associated with paying high attention to the phones and disregarding the people around. To minimize the adverse results related to social media usage, the students need to reduce the use of their cellular devices to avoid addiction. Investing most of the time in the academic sector will deliver positive results. Similarly, paying attention to the people around will improve the skills on social interaction and eliminates the antisocial behavior.

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