Effective writing

The development of professional abilities and academic excellence

The development of professional abilities as well as academic excellence depend on effective writing. It is important to remember, though, that even experienced authors have some writing flaws. I've found my writing ability after writing several papers in the past. I am working to better my standards now that I am aware of both my strengths and weaknesses.

The power of reading

I've always been passionate about reading and writing, which has led me to cultivate an omnivorous reading habit. There is no denying that my passion of reading has improved my writing abilities. I can read anything consistently and create a concept out of it. Again, I believe in the power of spoken language. Therefore, I will hardly use words or phrases that I am not familiar with. Of course, that gives my writing a sense of directness that I t would not have if I used unclear wordings. While I am glad of my ability to see structure in different pieces of writing, I am happier of my ability to reel off memorable phrases when writing, which enhances the shape of my work. Editing my work has ever been a challenge to me. I tend to believe so much in myself that I overlook some simple mistakes. In addition, I am so obsessed with transitions that I would rarely start a sentence without one.

The need for improvement

I am certain that I need to improve my editing and proofreading skills. At least that will help me reduce over-emphatics, which makes my writing sound too blunt. Besides, I need to work on my punctiliousness in the references for clarity in my sentences. Even though I have worked so much on journals and academic writing in the past, I would prefer working on research papers and projects in future. The major difference that the research papers and projects will have that was not in the previous journals is the concept of extensive empirical support. Research projects are dominated with facts and not imagination and creativity like in academic writing. Analyzing the assignments that one needs to work on, considering the situation, and collecting the samples of assignments recommended by various instructors will be the key strategies towards writing successful research papers and projects in the future.

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