diversity in the law enforcement agencies

Although there has been an increase in diversity, non-visible minorities still make up the majority of law enforcement organizations. Even though the agencies do a decent job of conducting fairs, advertising, and community outreach, they still do not seem to draw in as many people as they would like. Surprisingly, some people have no chance of altering their way of living in a new setting. Non-visible ethnic minorities are known to respect independence and integrity in the workplace. (Bolaffi, 2013). They value the preservation of their culture and religion but do not believe in sharing their principles. Therefore, despite the changes in the law enforcement agencies in adopting policies to assimilate the minority into the system of the country, the non-visible minorities which would always stick to their roots still exist (Stam & Shohat, 2012). The Canadian population is made up of people from different cultures, racial and ethnic backgrounds. Therefore, the government has adopted policies that discourage any form of discrimination against race, gender, and sexual orientation (Hutchinson & Smith, 2015). Notably, there is the element of diversity equity in the law enforcement that ensures that the there are no superior or inferior cultural groups in the nation (Wade, 2013). The law enforcement officers have to understand the dynamics and thus, help to eliminate the simplistic perceptions regarding a particular ethnic culture.

Several issues prevent potentially suitable candidates from applying to law enforcement. At first, the only people entitled to enforce the law are the police, and thus they must be conversant with the constitution of the land. In most cases, the police officers find themselves facing eminent prosecutions due to the failure of following the law. At second, in the moment of controversy and chaos such as terrorist attacks, these are the law enforcement officers who are expected to come into action and mitigate the crimes putting their lives in danger (Arnold, 2014). Therefore, the potentially delicate nature of the law enforcement officer's career prevents many potentially suitable candidates from applying to law enforcement


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