Diary of a “Bewitched” and ” Madman”

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The diary of a madman and bewitched are carefully related literary work that are used in depicting the culture, economy, and social norms in the Japanese and China societies. The roles of man in the society clearly come out in both stories. The diary of a man revolves round a man has been living in a state of confusion for about 30 years, and is suddenly gaining non secular insight from the moon. The man becomes paranoid due to his lunatic sensitivity. He perceives the stares and sounds made by each people and animals as sinister motive of eating. After reading a e book with the words “eat people” he finds out that his brother and father are collaborating with the aim, of killing him. The desperate cry of the mad man his heard as the story ends when he chants save the children. The diary communicates the theme of cannibalism (Lu, Xun 11-19). The author of the story portrays moral concern by using symbolic realism and intriguing story. Moral concerns are issues that are addressed in both the stories. Status of women in the Japanese culture is communicated by both stories.

Bewitched is a story by Uede Akinari that narrates the account of a young man. A demon comes out as a beautiful young woman with the aim of deceiving the young man. The story defines gender roles, expectation, and relationship as per the Japanese culture. The story is useful in teaching social norms to children. According to The Japanese culture, men are required to rugged, honest, and supportive family. The story has some degree of evil, and the ghosts in the story are linked to women or women association (Akinari 170-189). The male figure is the stronger sex associated with desirable characteristics.

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