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The essay captures the life of a high school graduate through college and out of school at the time. It takes into account the difficulties, successes, and expectations that the mechanism can be reformed.
The papers offer an account of the life of a Skyline High School pupil, a student who is said to have had a crappy SAT average. The graduate could barely afford the tuition fees for college. The author tells of the two years life of the graduate with regard to his classmates and the curriculum activities. Despite being unaffordable, the author is optimistic that, in his presidency, Barrack Obama will transform the two years of the free community college accessible to approximately nine million Americans. “President Obama hopes to make two years of free community college accessible for up to nine million Americans” (Hanks 2). Nonetheless, he is proud of his successes and having been through Chabot College located in Hayward, “That place made me what I am today (Hanks 2)”


In spite of the high cost of living that attracts all walks of life to seek more or rather further their education in order to sustain their livelihood, the cost of higher learning in the United States was unbearable. According to Hanks (2015), “Classmates included veterans back from Vietnam, women of every marital and maternal status returning to school, middle-aged men wanting to improve their employment prospects and paychecks (1).” Furthermore, the university fees were too high for the high school graduate, “at $95 a semester, just barely affordable (Hanks 1).” In this regard, it is of great importance that the government would see a decrease in the tuition fee for institutions of higher learning so that more people would not be barred from pursuing their educational dreams.


To sum up, the author, through the article manages to successfully and in a polite way air his concerns over the growing rate of unaffordability in pursuit of higher education. Through the chronology of his life and challenges after graduating from high school, the author amicably demonstrates how important affordability in education could favor a majority of the poor Americans.

Works Cited

Hanks, Tom. “I Owe It All to Community College.” The New York Times, 14 Jan. 2015, p. 2.

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