Constitutional Reforms and the Fundamental Liberties of America

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The significance of the 14th American Civil Rights Amendment
The Fourteenth amendment relates to a reconstructive amendment made to American law and adopted on July 9, 1868, into the Constitution. The key concern of the amendment was to remedy the protections of citizenship and to guarantee equal treatment of the laws in a meaningful way. In several respects, the 14th amendment was important to Americans.
The 14th amendment provided that all persons born in the United States had equal rights and obligations, including native Indians and native slaves. Before the proper justice procedure has run its turn, nobody would be prosecuted for committing a felony. A fair trial has to first take place before anyone is punished.
Moreover, the amendment negated any discrimination that came about on the basis of race or sex. In as much as voting for members of government was concerned, some people were initially discriminated and only men of 21years of age were allowed to vote (Hughes, 2012).
Significance of the Case of Brown v. Board of Education
The Brown v. Board of education is generally a 1954 landmark case of the Supreme Court in Topeka, Kansas that brought public schooling into existence in America. This judicial decision was actually one of the many legislative efforts that ensured racial equality has been achieved. The efforts to achieve this started the amendment of the civil war law in the US constitution.
The case was significant in the sense that it overturned Plessy’s decision of equal but separate establishment of doctrines. Although the 13th amendment of the American constitution was interpreted so, it could not meet equality for all through segregation of facilities. The 14th amendment that was adopted guaranteed equality in the protection of the law and on that matter, the court ruled that separation of facilities based on race would greatly promote inequality (Cantero, 2008). Brown’s case highly uplifted the human rights and ensured that equality existed for everyone.
Significance of the 19th Amendment for Women
The American 19th amendment for women was ratified on August 18, 1920. The amendment was done to the US Constitution and it granted women the right to vote. The amendment came into being at the time female citizens did not share similar rights with men.
The 19th amendment is very significant to their Constitution in the sense that it gave the women the right to vote as early as 1920. The right was boosted by the 15th amendment which made it illegal for the state or rather the federal to deny any legitimate US citizen the right to vote (Reading through history, 2014).
How the Amendment Changed the Rights of the Women in the Country
Firstly, it opened many doors for most women to be vocal and active in the government and importantly other areas in the society that had been exclusively been managed by men. Additionally, the amendment brought the evolution of the gender roles in the American society (Reading through history, 2014).
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