Cons and pros of drinking water

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When a specialist visits a particular disease, there is a strong possibility that they will often investigate one’s actions on the basis of drinking water with respect to the volume of consumption each day. Many doctors believe that drinking water has tremendous social, economic and health benefits (Hulton, 91). However, they often direct a person on the amount of intake as it is never the same due to the variation in body characteristics. The purpose of this paper is therefore to discuss the health benefits of drinking water and the side effects of taking too much water. Pros
Water helps maintain the balance of fluids in the body so that it can adequately perform its function, including digestion, absorption, and circulation. With little fluid balance, the brain triggers the body’s thirst process making the body suffer from dehydration unless one adheres to the request (Havelaar et al. 315). Water is a vital fluid that assists in controlling calories in the body when it becomes a substitution to drinks that have high calories. Directly, the water also works in breaking the calories present in the body or weight loss. The kidney removes body toxins; taking water dissolves the toxins that pass through the kidney, such as urea, reducing the possibilities of kidney failure.


Nevertheless, taking too much water can also have adverse effects on the body. Drinking too much water dilutes the amount of sodium present in the blood needed for proper functionality (De França Doria et al. 5457). The body, therefore, will have to circulate more to supply all the cells with the required amount of sodium. Apart from diluting the blood itself, sodium also suffers the effects.

From the above statement, it is important to understand the right amount of water that one needs to drink to maximize the benefits and minimize the adverse effects that comes along with too much water drinking.


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