College education Significance

I place a lot of value on my college education in terms of my day-to-day activities. The knowledge I acquired in elementary school is helpful as I pursue my further courses at the college level. The foundational information I have amassed serves as a prerequisite for my college career. My knowledge has grown in depth and now encompasses a broad range of topics that touch on the main issues I will face in life. The knowledge given to me will be a great help in overcoming the difficulties presented by the various work and living environments, which require careful attention on my part with regard to my curriculum coverage. The level of education that I will gather will upholster my various quests in life as it will give me insight that will enable me to decipher the problems that might arise in the line of duty. The college education will be an asset and an arsenal with which I will combat life issues.

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Significance of my College Education

A college education can take you to places in your life that you never imagined you could visit. It helps to build pieces of opinion and points of view that bear on your various perspectives in life. People hold a heated debate as to whether education is the only thing that confers knowledge. Some have it that education is the process of gaining information about surrounding though that is just but an iceberg in the ocean. Their concept is partially right.” (Columbia University>tc>edlab>blog). Without a college education, you can remain at a stagnating point in your dreams and endeavors. Insufficient knowledge renders people helpless since they cannot get to figure out the best ways on how to handle tissues of issues in life.

I myself have been in the workforce for over seventeen years. I have happened to amass gain a lot of experience and knowledge. Besides a full-time job, I managed to attend college yet. I had gathered that the depth of my knowledge was crucial in the work I was doing at that particular time. I had to pull up my socks in my academics in a bid to achieve my targets.

It is incredible that I have a higher paying job, beautiful home, live in a safe neighborhood, and yet have a family. The college education is an amazing asset because it accords you the opportunity to reach for one’s dreams such as being a supervisor and even being one’s own boss one day. A high school diploma for me was just a stepping stone for a must-needed college degree that I am currently pursuing.

. I have previously worked for a company where I felt demoralized and frustrated since I could not apply for higher paying position because I had a high school diploma. Dealing with this limitation left me very disheartened. I worked with many companies for years. When I realized that I needed to keep reaching for my goals, I was encouraged to resume college. I realized a high school diploma and a couple months of college could not suffice to achieve my dreams and ambitions. That entailed owning a four-bedroom home with a three car garage on ten acres of land, putting three children in a private school, and keeping my children in sports and gymnastics

I wanted to own my apartment so that I could enjoy my privileges. I engaged myself in various business ventures only to realize minute marginal profits. I conceived that that was a tall order since I was now married with three children, and working eight to nine hours weekly. I have a conviction and believe that I need to accomplish my studies in college so that I can get to inspire my husband and children. The assignments and tasks ahead of me tend to stimulate me into unleashing my full potential to ensure that I get the best college education that will help me have a competitive edge in the job market. The college education will equip me with the skills and expertise that is crucial and vital in the job setup. The excellent and grasp of the gist of the matter will come in handy in making rational decisions especially when it comes to financial and social matters. (Deborah Winfield RR Donnelly Director)


Columbia University>tc>edlab>blog

Deborah Winfield (RR Donnelly Director)

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