Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

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Brave New World is a science fiction novel of Aldous Huxley that was written in 1931. Brave New World is a modernist book that echoes features of a best society. Although, stability and happiness are attained through suppressing emotions, feelings, and freedom of people. Nonetheless, specific traits of oppression and authoritarianism are able to be seen through the story. These elements are characteristics of a dystopian society, to imply that, a society in which everything is predicted to be stable as well as perfect. However, this perfection results in the formation of a artificial and dehumanized society, in which individuals lack self-decision and will since they are completely controlled by the government. This paper will focus on how Huxley’s Brave New World portrays features of a dystopian society.

The first characteristic of a dystopian society evident in the novel is the control by the highest power through various ways like emotional control, censorship, as well as conditioning. Secondly, the use of technology in order to control the society. Through the massive usage of knowledge of science and technology, the birth and production of children from a bottle or a test tube as a replacement of natural birth are viewed to be normal and usual. The third indication of a dystopian society in the Huxley’s book is the formation of uniformity rather than individuality. And the final evidence is that using drugs and entertainment together with sex to prevent the individuals from questioning vital topics are common. In the novel, all things are working correctly, every person appears to be stable and happy; although, each and every of these features are depicted in ironical manner.

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