Biography of Ben Franklin

I wholeheartedly concur that, for a variety of causes, Ben Franklin's education still has an impact today. First of all, he studied science, and his innovations continue to have an impact on modern-day America. For example, he developed static and current electricity, which changed how we think about electricity. Static energy and current are both classified as either positive or negative in the US today. Ben Franklin learned through his scientific studies that lightning was a type of electricity and that using lightning rods to ground it would shield structures from potential fires. In order to protect their buildings from lightning and potential fire, people in the United States now place lightning arrestors. Secondly, Ben Franklin's interest in typewriting influenced his decision to start newspapers with the intention of informing the public. Today in the United States, the media influences knowledge among members of the public by sharing news on various current issues. Finally, the United States is currently the most influential country in the world because of Ben Franklin's impressive negotiation skills. He set the pace for the United States to negotiate treaties with foreign nations at a time when there was little diplomacy across the globe.

Ben Franklin was an interesting individual because of his intellectual ability and influence on society. Ben Franklin attended the Boston Latin School where he studied humanities. After one year at the institution, he enrolled at the George Brownell English School where he studied writing and mathematics. He was an excellent student at the time, but his family's finances could not support him through school. Ben Franklin eventually dropped out of the formal education system at the age of 10 years, and this was the last evidence of his formal schooling. However, he focused on informal schooling and taught himself through self-reading, apprenticeship, and interactions with people. He eventually became a scientist, postmaster, inventor, and politician.

The central theme in the early life and education of Ben Franklin is self-education. Whereas his peers attended formal schooling, he spent his time teaching himself philosophy, science, and writing. The implication is that he established a strong foundation for most of the modern ideas in science, writing, and philosophy. In simple terms, he sparked interest in the three areas of studied and promoted interest among people to the three areas of study. He was ahead of his time, and this is what has influenced modern writers, philosopher, and scientists. They all focus on staying ahead of their time.

In addition to his education, Ben Franklin also influenced the current US society through political action. Franklin championed for the improvement of people's well-being and instilling service and virtue in the lives of Americans. His greatest contribution was the formation of the first subscription library in the country. He used his influence to improve society by promoting charity. His influence means that he gave opportunities to many people to improve their lives including African Americans. It also meant that more people could have access to education either formally or informally. He used the library as a tool for people to expand their knowledge in different subjects thus empowering the entire nation. It is one of the main reasons Americans consider him as the founding father of the United States. He introduced the country to the path of progress. His political action improved the lives of the American people including signing the declaration of independence that has established the US as an independent country back then as well as today.

I have discovered that Benjamin Franklin was influential in the past and is still influential in current society. He dedicated his time and effort to studying subjects that he believed had the most impact on the lives of his people. After that, he dedicated his time improving the people's welfare. Indeed, Ben Franklin is the founding father of America because he dedicated his life to improving other people's lives.

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