Awareness and Racial Differences

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Global problems that were raised in various countries were ethnic disparities. A large percentage of the global population has strongly denounced the instances of racial discrimination due to the various roles forwarded to those who tend to be different, especially due to racial backgrounds. Differences in ideas have crossed the mindsets of most age groups. This has contributed to the presence of such beliefs that have been aimed at people of distinct ethnic backgrounds. The variations in preconceived ideas have profoundly influenced the way in which people communicate with each other in society. It has also impaired a number of constructive interactions all because of difference in skin color or even eye color.

From the video, “A class divided” it is evident that a number of preconceived notions had engulfed the population od the context of that video. There were certain notions about the black people. The teacher who is responsible for shaping the mentalities of the students is blinded by a number of preconceived and misconceived notions. For instance, she explains to the students that, black people are not to be trusted, they were not clean and would not afford a quality lifestyle like that of the white people. Additionally, the video also shows how people with different eye color were treated differently from those with brown. Such divisions have been a source of social conflicts.

Personally, I am aware of the different stereotypes present in society. I have been made aware due to the increasing activism for social parities. Disparities based on race have recently been condemned by individuals and most human rights organizations. They have been advocating against misled ill-treatments of people who are different racially.

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