Athenian democracy

The Assembly and the Law Courts

The Assembly and the Law Courts systems are crucial in ensuring that the values of this democracy are maintained and respected. The Athenian democracy has grown considerably over the past few years. Citizens must actively participate in legislative and judicial processes in order to accomplish this. Such forums are emblematic of a democratic constitution and country because they allow for citizen involvement and freedom. However, evidence from prior years has shown that the degree of citizen involvement as both jurors and assemblymen is determined by the participation payments and the amount remitted. For instance, under the previous systems, only the wealthy members of society were permitted to occupy office. involvement in the Assembly and juries was open to even the poorest of citizens. However, since the payment for such gatherings was only one obol per seating, the citizens preferred to stay at home.<\/p>

Paying Assemble Men and Jurors

Secondly, paying Assemble men and jurors for services rendered would improve the level of justice delivered to all citizens. As mentioned earlier, participation in such gatherings is on a voluntary basis. Unlike this, the laws passed and the cases brought for hearing do not discriminate meaning everyone is expected to follow and respect the law, and anyone could find him or herself charged for certain breaches of the law. As such, it is paramount to have a jury of peers and equals rendering a ruling, rather than only having the wealthy as the jurors in all cases. This can only be achieved through a payment system that would give poor citizens a reason to sacrifice their time when participating in such forums. In conclusion, since the nation is based on a democratic constitution and principles, paying jurors and Assemblymen can only be seen as a way of preserving these foundations.<\/p>

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