Anansi Boys by Nail Gaima

Nail Gaiman’s novel; Anansi boys is pretty an interesting and insightful read. I not solely enjoyed reading it however also find the novel pretty insightful as the author’s creativity was quite fascinating. The writer not only strategically used characters however also balanced their roles within the plot of the novel. Gaiman brings out most of the factors in the novel with a lot of ingenuity. The usage of different settings in the novel, the distinctive characters, themes, plot and point of view are well utilized and balanced therefore making ‘Anansi Boys’ novel quite a masterpiece.
The author makes use of well the main character of the novel, Fat Charlie from whom the novel’s plot rotates. Key characters in the novel including Charlie’s dad, Mr. Nancy, his fiancée Rose and his brother Spider whom they seem identical are developed around Charlie. Mr. Nancy’s character, who is my most favorite character in the novel, is well portrayed by the author as an individual who is not only gifted in giving lifetime sticking nicknames but also as a quite joyous person. He is the one who nicknamed his son Fat Charlie, despite him not being fat from his teenage years. ‘When his father gave things names, they stuck’(p2). Charlie’s brother Spider, whom Charlie meets in adulthood is displayed as taking after their dad as he is not only charming but quite sociable. The plot of the novel is well organized from the beginning to the end. The author begins the novel by introducing the key conflict in the plot, which is the genesis of Charlie’s hatred to his dad. The hatred did not the only origin from the name ‘Fat’ that his dad gave him but also the demeanor with which his dad carries himself. By placing the setting of the novel in two different countries, the United States (Florida), where Fat Charlie is born, and England not only enhances the utilization of symbolism which enriches as it signifies the breakage of the bond between father and son but also illustrates the transformation Charlie has been through. I also found the application of the literary devices in the novel quite profounding. The use of foreshadowing in the novel is quite incredible. When Charlie dreams of his brother, he saw a person who is fun loving and loves alcohol. His dreams are actualized on the following day when his brother finally visits (p56-59). I also found the use of flashback by the author to be quite significant. Through flashback, when Charlie flies to Florida for the funeral of his dad, he remembers Mrs. Higgler who triggers his childhood feeling of fright as he had once broken her window. The meeting with Mrs. Higgler triggers Charlie’s childhood memories. I find the different settings in the entire novel to be quite fascinating as it eliminates elements of monotony. The authors’ ability to shift from one setting to the other is one aspect that I found to be critical for making the novel so interesting and enjoyable to read. The ability to move the main character from one setting to the other, in the process introducing other characters as utilized by the author is critical for the success of the book. The author not only allows his readers to grow with Fat Charlie but also opens up his adult life and the different challenges he had to undergo which is quite educative. Garmin's novel is a good, entertaining and educative read that I can recommend any literature love to have.Works citedGaiman, Neil. Anansi boys. William Morrow and company. 2005.

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