Alternative journalism

Alternative Media

Alternative media entails practices that take place beyond the mainstream. The situation satisfies civic reporting in the nineteenth century by voicing their voices on inequality in society. In addition, the workforce scarcely wished to have a close affiliation with conservative leaders. Various magazines were also distributed in that period with the aim of developing the acts of the mainstream. For example, the magazine's Mother Jones and The Nation straddled the divide between the progressive and the mainstream.

Public Journalism

An example of public journalism is the Korean Online site called “OhmyNews” that supplements the majority of their staff with the citizen reporters. The example satisfies the journalistic type with the involvement of civic participation that is often executed regarding social and political issues. It also increases the levels of a boost among the journalists presenting an opportunity to implement their mandate. And the aspect of criticism is also witnessed with this type of journalism with a section of the public displaying their levels of dissatisfaction with the service. Nevertheless, public journalism has thrived in the form of ProPublica, a non-profit news organization to have won the Prolitzer Prize. The organization is known for its investigative duties that it presents to the public.

Citizen Journalism

An example of citizen journalism includes acts of the public's filming a particular event in the society. It may include people recording booming done by police or enemies. It can then be concluded that an individual possessing a smartphone is a potential broadcaster or witness to any event in society. The condition satisfies the type of journalism with the internet acting as a catalyst for the activities. These actions hardly involve the context of a political or radical agenda as compared to alternative and public writing.

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