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She is the story's narrator, and her hands are raw from manual labor. She is a single mother with two daughters, weak, and illiterate, with little hope of escaping rural life. She adores her daughters and recognizes their flaws.
Yes, the protagonist is a very likable character. She is deeply concerned with other people's feelings and has been through a lot. She often speaks to us as readers in a friendly, conversational tone. This means that the narrative we get is completely from her viewpoint. This means that the writer's point of view has filtered the character's personality. This is dangerous as we only get a single perspective on all events and characters. We cannot always trust the narrator to be open without bias. When she gives a glimpse into Dee’s personality, we need not forget that this is her perspective. She thinks: Dee wanted nice things. A yellow organdy dress to wear to graduation from high school […] She was determined to stare down any disaster in her efforts. (12) This gives us a picture of what we ended up seeing in Dee’s personality as a person who is aggressive in getting things (owned by other people). The narrator cannot be trusted to give a full picture of the character which is logically impossible but does help us trust on the writer.She thinks that Dee places so much value on materialistic things, with no value and doesn’t portray heritage. This is actually true as heritage is of greater importance than material items.The story would have been so different. This would have justifications on what he does and doesn’t do. We could also get a totally different view of the mother’s character. The new story would also show us Dee’s side of heritage.Mama values family ties and items. She believes that true heritage is that of family. Dee on the other hand doesn’t seem to know or care much about heritage or how important it is.I think it was the right decision that the quit was given to Maggie rather than Dee. I felt that Dee was arrogant and didn’t place much value and appreciation on her culture.Heritage in this text represents family thoughts, items and traditions that are passed on generation after generation.The problem is how the current generation do not place much value as is necessary on heritage. Heritage is of much importance than materialistic items which were of much importance to Dee.Heritage. Dee creates her own heritage due to what she views as oppression in her family. She fails to appreciate her heritage and goes own to take on a new name, Wangero, which in her view represents her African heritage more accurately. She has little knowledge of African heritage and therefore her new heritage is false and empty.

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