Adult Mental Issues/Mental State Affected by Child Abuse

To see whether child abuse impacts people in their adult lives or not, it should be remembered that the diagnostic results indicate no psychological consequences of child abuse. In addition, this can lead to child abuse. The correlation between child abuse and psychological disease is nevertheless known because many adults who are victims of child abuse in most cases have many psychological side effects, which contributes to the psychological disease. Explanation of results of the hypothesis
Medical diagnosis show that some of the psychological effects the victims of child abuse suffer include: post-traumatic stress disorder, panic attacks, depression, dissociation, personality disorders and others experience bipolar. This proves that child abuse has psychological effects that, may lead to mental illnesses. However, the diagnosis carried out is limited to a post effect of the case i.e. proof can be determined on a person who is already affected (Ryan & Pritchard 2004).
Child abuse effects on adult mental state can be justified by analyzing the mental state of different people who are victims of child abuse regardless of age and gender. Information can also be collected from different geographical locations and a comparison can then be done.
Follow up experiment
The physiological impacts of the child abuse is can be determined by carrying out an experiment on on the basis of factors such as type of abuse, severity of the abuse, the relationship of the child to the abuser, the child’s family environment and their relationship with their parents, previous experiences of abuse or the history of support. The conditions will either reduce or increase the effects of the abuse and determine the possibility of occurrence of the mental illness in later stages of life. Carry out a test on the mental state of people who have experienced child abuse of different types and magnitude and compare their mental state or, those who have little or no relationships with their parents and the impact the abuse has on them.

Ryan, T., & Pritchard, J. (2004). Good practice in adult mental health. London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

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