Administrative Manager at the Mount Sinai Health System

Mount Sinai Health System's Administrative Manager

Management skills or characteristics represented by keywords (Mount Sinai, 2017)

Supervise the administrative process.

Coordination and management of clerical tasks.

Recommends cost-cutting measures.

Compile and go over operational reports.

Understanding, interpreting, and enforcing personnel policies.

Ensures that the regulations are followed.

Aids in the development of training programs.

Department committees are chaired by him.

Keywords that represent a leadership talent or trait (Mount Sinai, 2017)

Staff education.

Working with the department's leadership.

Providing assistance with planning.

Enhancing operations.

Characteristics of a Successful Leader

Thinker Who Thinks Strategically

An effective leader should be open-minded and willing to change their strategy to capitalize on new opportunities and address unexpected obstacles (Northouse, 2015). Strategic thinking can be nurtured through:

Focusing and thinking about the future of the organization or the company.

Having a flexible mindset.

Being genuinely interested on the success of your company.

Being decisive.

Have Integrity

A good leader should uphold ultimate uprightness. He or she should be honest, forthright, just, and fair (Northouse, 2015), treating other in the way that he would want himself to be addressed.

Team Oriented

A good leader should bond with coworkers and colleagues. The modern business environment in the world favors and emphasizes teamwork. Thus an active leader should create conditions and environment that foster team cohesiveness (Northouse, 2015).

How the Traits Support Me as an Effective Leader in Management Position

The above characteristics create a foundation and vision that I should implement as an effective leader to steer an organization successfully. The traits should be a guide to achieving the goals and objectives of the body. They should remind me of the right combination of enthusiasm, self-assurance, and charisma of an effective leader.

How an Individual’s Perspective Influences Their Leadership Styles

According to Harvard Business School, a successful leader should not let individual aspects intervene in their roles as a leader. In fact, leadership should come first before personal interest that is put the interest of the organization or the company first.


Mount Sinai. "ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGER." Careers.Mountsinai.Org, 2017,

Northouse, P. G. (2015). Leadership: Theory and practice. Sage publications.

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