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A organization separates new business strategies from those in the industry. Otherwise businesses will adopt similar trends in promotions, marketing and provision of products or services without innovation and imagination. The cooperation of innovative minds will make creative business concepts a reality according to different research studies. When the business brain can think beyond the box, the prospects are never ending (Blanchard, Ken & Scott Blanchard, 14). The recruiting of innovative people in an organization makes it possible to tackle business challenges more imaginatively. Creative minds set a business apart from all others which makes consumers desire to have a company’s services and products over others. Innovation and creativity drive the performance as well as the productivity of business which helps in growing and improving the business.

Improvisational creativity helps in solving impossible problems that occur in most of the businesses. Research has indicated that most business-related problems persist due to status quo solution. Improvisational creativity leads to the development of creative business answers where employees are given a chance to think outside the box (Dawson, Patrick & Constantine, 65). This allows them to find answers that no one else thought of before. Additionally, Improvisational creativity leads to the showcasing of unique qualities. Through innovation and creativity, one can make his or her business unique from others in the markets. Innovative ideas help the business to beat tough competitors within the market. This is trough showing off what makes the business different from others.

Additionally, Improvisational creativity opens doors for all employees from different departments to come together as one team which increases interaction as well as engagement in the working place (Wang et al., 45).When working as a cohesive team, the employee morale goes up which ensures that the working environment is fun? This attracts more creative employees while still maintaining the quality ones.

In almost every business, two phrases are powerful than anything else when it comes to decision making as well as innovation practices. The first one is “Yes and’ and the other one is “yes, but.’ The phrase ‘Yes,’ acts as a positive confirmation, affirmation as well as consent. ‘And’ on the other hand is an addition to. When used together they act as a cornerstone of communication as well as bedrock of brainstorming. Yes is used to when one accepts an idea based on its worth regardless the origin of the idea. The phrase ‘and,’ is used when one takes an idea and builds directly off of it, without changing it or instilling an individual agenda (Kulhan, 43). This phrase develops a safe environment through encouraging the articulation of individual perspective of every teammate. It also acknowledges the importance of every opinion. For example, when introducing a new concept in business, it is normal for employees to support it and to add some few concepts on the idea with the aims of making it even better.

One of the major roles of leaders is to assemble teams as well as to lead them to optimal performance. Shared leadership helps in developing innovative ideas as it helps in embracing the differences in people as well as understanding ways of connecting the dots among the differences to attain the best outcomes. Additionally, shared leadership ensures that workers are always working together to pull new ideas from different sources regardless of rank or hierarchy. Sharing leadership gives power to the most qualified individuals which strengths their capabilities to deal with leadership roles. It also cultivates a climate where employees are always free to take initiatives on assignments (Wang et al., 45). For instance, a business can adopt a no-supervisor system where employees can accept work instead of having it assigned to them. This creates a creative as well as a responsive workplace.

In conclusion, it is clear from the discussion that creativity and innovation can help a business to beat tough competitors as well as to show unique case qualities. Additionally, it is clear that shared leadership can maximize talents in business through providing every worker with a chance to do what they do well.

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