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A career offers an opportunity to discover one’s personal strengths and shortcomings while still taking into account the environment in which one practice. This topic is related to a variety of causes that serve as a bridge to a promising career and serve as a source of inspiration for professionals. The Medal of Honor is a decoration granted in recognition of distinguished service in the United States Military. Getting into the army is a test to honor the seven military ideals, followed by the prospect of being honored as a means of appreciation by the citizens of America for outstanding service by an individual selected by a US military service delegate. This paper studies Medal of Honor recipient Sergeant Drew Dix, a hero for an admirable performance in the military. In the execution of his mandate in the Republic of Vietnam he displayed desirable traits of character by risking his life in a fifty-six hours gun fight with insurgents. His position suits this paper’s evaluation of the how the seven Army values come to play.
To begin with, Sergeant Dix demonstrates Loyalty by wearing the US uniform, accepting an offer to be reassigned from Special Forces-A team to the Central Intelligence Agency. Despite being outnumbered by the Viet Cong battalion, he leads indigenous troops in a 56 hours battle sticking to the mission of getting the enemy’s infrastructure and arresting high ranking officials.
The army works on a combination of missions, tasks, and responsibilities that are to be achieved by a team. Sergeant Dix remains focused on his duty, which is to attend to all the given assignments which he performs admirably. He fulfils his obligations through determination to rescue the civilians at different places of the Chau Phu city, at the end saving lives, assaulting the enemy’s strongholds, and capturing a high-ranking enemy official.
In undertaking any mission or task assigned by the leaders, respect is a key component. This value is demonstrated in a number of ways such as obeying the call for change of unit and working with other troops in Chau Phu. Winning the medal reflects the selflessness of a soldier; the one awarded has a laudable commitment towards his mission in Vietnam. This is a core value for the medal winner who manages to save lives and demonstrate personal commitment to an effort despite being under the threat of heavy fire from Viet Cong battalion.
Honor comes to play in case when being honest with oneself is a building factor for all the actions performed. Possessing this value makes it possible for the troops to plan and execute operations, as in the 1968 Vietnam mission, since honor involves the other army attributes making them a part of any officer. Sergeant Dix upholds all the valuable traits of character showing he is an honorable soldier. It is clear that Medal of Honor recipient is a person of integrity by adhering to the moral principles which in turn work for him affecting his relationship with other troops positively. Any military officer needs to be trustworthy; relied upon to undertake any kind of assignment from his leader. Therefore, it is the extra effort by Dix to reach out for trapped victims in the city amid hostility that pushes the indigenous soldiers to join in.
Finally, being in the military is associated with self-courage which grows over time; Sergeant Dix brings out this aspect exceptionally. It is from this personality trait that he mobilizes troops to rescue lives under the threat of Viet-Cong. The rewarding acts are defined by infiltrating Viet-Cong base, arresting a high ranking official, saving lives, and seizing weapons.
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