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Procrastination is a method of avoidance in which by replacing other more pleasant tasks, people circumvent an activity. Anxiety regarding a future occurrence, either consciously or unconsciously, is the reason people procrastinate. It may also be stuff a person doesn’t like to do (Haycock, McCarthy, & Skay, 1998).
Laundry is one thing I’m procrastinating on. I sort my clothes from the laundry hamper almost every week and throw them in the wash. After they’ve dried, I fold and put them away. But sometimes I just find myself with overflowing dirty laundry baskets, clothes The lethargy goes on a lot and the time I dedicate to washing is either spent watching movies or taking walks, and it leaves me in awkward positions having to wash and wear. The task, in this case, may take a lot of my time, but coming up with a way of avoiding and stopping procrastination tends to be the only solution. According to Plaut (2008), tedious tasks can be subdivided into smaller portions, which I will do by allocating more washing days per week. One needs to decide on how to make the sessions more self-initiated rather than a requirement (Haycock, McCarthy, & Skay, 1998).

Another thing I procrastinate on is paying my monthly bills, such as cable, and other utility bills. This happens a lot when I procrastinate and spend the money set aside for bills on other things. As recent as last week I couldn’t watch a game because I had not paid my bill on time, and it left me feeling guilty and irritated. According to Plaut (2008), a person can substitute “have to” with “want to” to give them the drive do something. I have also decided to automate certain bills and also to use online payments which sometimes offer information about due dates.


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