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Podcasts have recently appeared and are now a conventional means of conversation. Podcasting primarily includes audio files that are transmitted through RSS. Podcasts have turned out to be a tool for promoting connectivity and marketing in industries. Podcasting can also be seen in comedy sketches, song demos, chat shows, tutorials, debates, tutorials on foreign languages, professional instruction and storytelling. Podcasts are useful to listeners in that they can easily receive and listen to the material they are interested in at their convenient moment. Once the material is downloaded, the content can be viewed on or listened to on handhelds that are wireless, allowing one to use their time while on the move.

I choose the podcast on Radiolab (Episode: The Living Room). I enjoyed every bit of the podcast. The presenter, Diane, is lively and narrates the episode with a lot of passion which makes one want to listen more and more of the happenings. The story starts on a thrilling note whereby Diane’s new neighbors being intimate without shutting their curtains and ends on a sad note where the man in the neighborhood passes away. The absence of the curtains makes it possible for Diane to have a clear sight of each and every event in the neighbor’s living room and this creates a one-sided relationship.

Though the episode feels like a stalking incident, listening to it did not make me have the same experience. I felt that in this world, there is that one person who watches you without your realization. Even if one may feel all alone, there is that one who cares and also can understand you as a person and the experiences one is going through in this life. Knowing one has problematic issues and empathizing with them is a thing we should all possess at all times. (311 Words).

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