about literary devices

Judy Brady's dramatic irony has been included in I Want a Wife (1971) as the writer needs a wife to accompany her to college. The writer is a woman, but the reader might first think that she was a male. It is also ironic that a woman should accompany her husband to kindergarten, but readers will expect only children to be escorted to school.
In My Bionic Search for Bolero, Michael Chorost's metaphors are used, particularly when he writes, 'It struck me like a neural thunderstorm, a titanic and a glorious accompaniment, which brings out an image of his reaction. The statement shows that the writer was very surprised by the news as he compared it with thunderstorm.
3. In the article U.S. Civil Rights Group holds Funeral for "N-word" by Kevin Krolick, the theme of racism is very clear as the demonstrators carry out a mock burial of the N-word to urge Black Americans to avoid its use. The black Americans commonly used the N-word, but it was time to stop singing it since it contributed to their alienation. 4. The article This is a New Website Article about a Scientific Paper by Judy Brady utilizes the point of view, which is very clear in the manner that the writer explains the challenges of existing scientific ideas. A scientific paper must comply with certain rules agreed upon by researchers to give credible results.
5. Michel De Montaigne in CapterXYII: of Teabe uses Pastiche of the artistic work is in a style that imitates work in the 16th century.
6. In the article On Language by William Safire satire is used since the writer advises the organization of written thoughts to avoid _x0093_curses_x0094_. The use of the word _x0093_curse_x0094_ is satirical since it mocks work of poor quality.
7. In Disposable Rocket John Updike uses motif as he gives an idea of an ideal male or female body appearance. The description brings out a certain message that the writer wants to pass to men and women about their nature. A reader sees the image of men and women from the writer_x0092_s description with a lot of ease.
8. The Shortness of Life by Lucius Annaeus Seneca is full of allegory since the story has a symbolic meaning. The essay provides moral lessons that contain ethical themes in which man complains about nature. Instead of man appreciating whatever nature can offer to him, he keeps on complaining about one thing after another.

9. In the article On Noise by Lucius Annaeus Seneca, situational irony is clear since man does not find peace in sleep contrary to the expectation. One would expect quietness during sleep, but it is not the case in this story since people dream about their daily happenings which trouble them. It is ironical that people do not experience the quietness expected during sleep since dreams about their daily happenings keep on disturbing them.
10. The article On the Healing Power of the Mind by Lucius Annaeus Seneca has an optimistic tone since it encourages people to endure hardships. Although people may face troubles in their lives, they should be ready to face the challenges and move on with life. It is always good to be positive about life, overcome the challenges that emerge each day and try to resolve them.
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