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Global management refers to the way a company conducts its business internationally, including its auctions, marketing, usage and funding. It gathers knowledge about industry, social practices, history and values in order to support businesses to meet their capital in the global commercial community and collaborate with other cultures efficiently. This article explores Nigeria as a country, as an enterprise and how I can open and sustain an excellent relationship and make the best of this prospect of expansion to the international market for my business. Nigeria as a country is situated in the Western part of Africa and borders the Gulf of Guinea, between Cameroon and Benin. The official language enunciated there is English, which expedites the etymological and cultural unity of the nation post-colonization by the British. It is the formal language thus extensively used for learning, corporate matter and official resolve.

Alongside South Africa, Nigeria is well-thought-out a superpower in the African region. It has the prevalent population in Africa, and the land is gifted with massive quantities of natural resources. It is the sixth-largest oil manufacturing country and has a well-polished and assiduous society. Concerning chain of command, Nigeria obliges. Age and position ensures respect. It deliberates wisdom; thus the eldest individual in a group is privileged. When it comes to protocol, the most common salutation is a handshake convoyed with a heartfelt smile. Business cards are also given minus strict procedures and one is supposed to accept the card with either both hands, the right one but not the left. Nigerians desire to cultivate personal interactions before steering trade, any effort to dodge this protocol will impede the accomplishment of the business. Disagreements construed as non-relaying of the whole story thus caution is applied. Group members are also expected to show a joint courier in the course of meetings (Commisceo Global Consultancy, 2017).


Commisceo Global Consultancy. (2017). Award-Winnig Culture Guides. Retrieved from Nigeria Guide; A look at Nigerian Language, Culture, Customs and Etiquette: http://www.commisceo-global.com/country-guides/nigeria-guide

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