About Abortion

Abortion: A Complex Social Issue

Abortion is one of the most current and widely discussed social topics in the world today. Most of the time, the study of abortion is challenging because it is a source of legal and societal dispute, medical and psychological suffering, psychiatric uncertainty, and moral insecurity (Martinelli, Baker & Newsad, 2009). As a result, various problems arise regarding whether there can be a single perspective that allows for a comprehensive examination of the abortion phenomena.

Abortion: Perspectives and Opinions

Abortion is a contentious issue from a variety of legal, theological, and moral views. When it comes to abortion, everyone has an opinion, but many feel that it is more of a moral matter. A sociologist would be interested in the issue of abortion because it touches topics that concern the social life of human beings. Topics that a sociologist would be interested include: health since abortion is a medical process and goes hand to hand with health, politics because issues regarding abortion legalization have formed the basis of politics in the modern world, anthropological because there is a concern about humankind when one talks about abortion and philosophical where various theories have been applied to try and understand abortions. Since all these disciplines are connected to society, a sociologist might be very interested in such a case.

Interdisciplinary Perspective on Abortion

Abortion is an interdisciplinary problem and addition of a second social science discipline would significantly help in the understanding of the issue. A social science discipline such as anthropology will contribute to analyzing the issue of abortion better as it will bring into consideration the feelings women experience. An anthropologist would bring to our attention the various norms and values that come into play when we talk about abortion. To fully understand the social issue of abortion, I think it will be necessary to approach this issue using interdisciplinary perspective and see how different disciplines approach it and in the process understand why individuals understand abortion differently.


Martinelli-Fernandez, S. A., Baker-Sperry, L., & McIlvaine-Newsad, H. (Eds.). (2009). Interdisciplinary Views on Abortion: Essays from Philosophical, Sociological, Anthropological, Political, Health and Other Perspectives. McFarland.

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