About Abnormal Psychology

Recent advances in medical and psychological research allow for the early detection of mental disease symptoms in preschoolers. Treatment should begin as soon as feasible to reduce the severity of the sickness. I believe that there should be a constructive relationship between parents and doctors when discussing mental problems (Amanda, 2009). I believe that parents should also grasp the nature and progression of the condition in order to make treatment possible and effective. Children may be diagnosed with bipolar illness, eating disorders, anxiety disorders, or depression, which might interfere with their normal growth and development milestones. The doctor-parent relation is a must in such a case to manage the complications to inhibit the development of the disorders.

Most of the parents on their own diagnose a few symptoms regarding the behavior of their children. In such cases, they should not wait to talk to a child specialist because waiting would develop the illness (Nolen-Hoeksema, 2013). Any kind of behavioral change in a child that looks worrisome should be observed under proper medical attention (Amanda, 2009). The doctor may start the treatment process immediately and the parents have to very cooperative. Thus, in my opinion, besides, the treatment strategies that a doctor would choose to cure the illness, doctor-parent mutual understanding is a must to make the treatment successful.

Early stage diagnosis of mental illnesses among kids can be prevented with the help of up-to-date medical and psychological treatment strategies (Bennett, 2003). Doctor and parents need to develop a strong understanding of the treatment strategy along with the complexities of the illness. It would prove fruitful and help the children to get well and live their life happily.


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