Abortion world wide

A little under half of the 56 million abortions performed worldwide each year are done in a risky manner. Every year, unsafe abortions result in 47,000 fatalities and 5 million hospital visits. Any surgical procedure used to end a pregnancy, particularly during the first six months, is considered an abortion. Induced abortion and spontaneous abortion are the two types of abortion. The worst kind of murder is abortion, which should be denounced, outlawed, and those responsible punished because it kills an innocent person. Arguments against abortion based on biblical, medical, social, legal, scientific, and even philosophical grounds are also prohibited by law. There are some instances where abortion should be carried out with the advice of the doctor. For instance, in a situation where the pregnancy of a woman put their lives in danger, and the chances of the child surviving birth are minimal then abortion can be carried out to save the mother’s life.

Abortion is any surgical method which is used to do away with pregnancy especially during the first six months. There are two basic kinds of abortion: induced abortion and unprompted abortion. Spontaneous abortion which is also identified as miscarriage is the termination of pregnancy which is not approved, and in most cases, it occurs on its own (Marquis, 1989). Induced abortions, on the other hand, is the cessation of pregnancy by deliberate intervention. Induced abortions are varied including those carried out under the law, for example, therapeutic abortion, and those done outside the law (Badruddin, 2016). Taking into consideration the context under which abortion is done, abortion is not a right thing to do to those carrying it out and to the society as a whole. Abortion is murder, and no person can refuse this claim. No person is able to disclaim that it is the murder of the innocent. Research indicate that a fetus is conscious as well as performs every of the six life processes. The only thing that the fetus does not have which the human being has is mature lungs, and this does not mean that the fetus is not human since several people are born lacking some part of the body, and that does not disqualify them from being human. Research indicates that majority of the people who are opposing death penalties are advocating for abortion, which is indeed contradicting. Abortion is the worst kind of murder because the innocent is the one who are eliminated. Those who practice abortion should be given the same penalty that the baby that has been aborted is subjected to. Though abortion is legal in America and other countries, it is still murder, and the current laws that favor abortion should be repealed. Abortion is same as murder because it comprises of life ending doings and it should be condemned and stopped.

There are many reasons as to why abortion should not be allowed. Although it is legal in most developed countries, the majority of developing countries do not permit or encourage it. Termination of pregnancy is an issue on which no moral compromise is possible (Dworkin, n.d.). Grounds on which abortion should not be done include biblical, medical, ethical, legal, scientific, and even philosophical arguments about abortion (Marquis, 1989). Among the reasons as to why abortion should not be carried out are: it is killing of innocent children, it is the foremost reason of maternal deaths in the world, and there are risks associated with health such as infertility (Major, et al., 2009). This research explores into the details of abortion; why it is done, on which situations it might be an option, and above all, why abortion is immoral, should not be encouraged nor allowed at all cost (Potts, Diggory, & Peel, 1977). Termination or ending of pregnancy which is abortion has negative consequences and implications to our society today. In as much abortion can be carried out for various concrete reasons, it should not be encouraged.

Life commences when conception has occurred qualifying abortion as a murder according to Gods commandment. As much as God created human beings, He considers the human being as his children that are every person whether born or unborn. Those people who advocate for abortion argue that the word abortion is not found in the Bible, so human beings have got the choice to make whether to abort a pregnancy or keep it. Viterna & Bautista (2017) observed that even if the word abortion is not mentioned in the Bible does not mean that the law of God does not apply to abortion. Premkumar, Brown, Mengesha, & Jackson (2017) observed that after going through the Bible that the life of human beings is a gift from God and only God has the right to take life. Christian have been convinced that despite abortion not directly mentioned in the Bible it is implied that God forbids human beings from shading innocent blood. Premkumar et al. (2017) observed that the Bible stated for you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb."(Psalms 139:13-18)

Viterna & Bautista (2017) observed that there is an intervening, extenuating reason for triggering the agony that unborn child suffers from. A lady wants to terminate an uninvited pregnancy in an archetypal abortion process. Is this enough cause for the demanding procedure of chopping the fetus into pieces, or subjecting the child to an hour of severe burning? Any unborn child should not be subjected to pain since the alternate of abortion is birth. Terminating the life of an unborn child is simply evil and causing pain to the child adds to the horror. Premkumar et al. (2017) observed that the functioning neurologist structures necessary for pain mature between eight and thirteen weeks since at this weeks the brain of the infant would have matured like that of an adult. Research indicates by the eight weeks no further development will occur this means the fetus is a full-grown baby. If a full-grown baby can experience pain, then it is absurd to ignore the pain that the fetus is experiencing when it is being aborted.

O'Neil (2017) observed that when abortion is being carried out the baby feel pain. Parents are egocentric since they choose to have fun and live care free life at the expense of a new born baby. Trigg, R. (2014) mesmerizes that how people are cold hearted by not seeing how bad abortion is. Trigg, R. (2014) further suggest that abortion that abortion should be declared illegal and the innocent baby should not have to when there is no wrong they have committed. Viterna & Bautista (2017) suggest that those women who want to abort should keep the baby and give up for adoption instead to undergoing abortion since this is a better option than death. Eradiating pregnancy is unfair, and it can be sickening. Premkumar et al. (2017) suggest that parents who undertake abortion should be subjected to harsh punishment. In giving up children for adoption, three people are going to benefit from it. O'Neil (2017) suggested that the government, society, non-governmental institutions should fight for the life of the tiny little one who doesn't have the strength to fight for themselves and punish those who commit abortion. Rosenthal, S. (2015) observed that punishing the people who abort is fair since they know their mistake since they are punishing the innocent ones. Punishing the those who abort make them realize what they are putting the innocent babies through.

Abortion should not be allowed to thrive because of the massive quantity of blood shade involved. Moreover, the risk of abortion outweighs the benefit as well as it is extremely unprincipled. People should be educated to acknowledge that the unborn child is a creature of God and they should permit God to do His will to the infant and no man has the power to end the life of an innocent infant. Rosenthal, S. (2015) concluded that abortion is equivalent to murder because when aborting the blood that is shade is many and that may cause the woman who has done an abortion to die to excess bleeding. O'Neil (2017) observed that abortion might lead to double death which is the death of the fetus and the mother and that qualifies it as a murder and abortionist should be punished. He further proposed that tough laws should be introduced to curb the increasing number of abortion in the United States of America.

A person cannot ignore the whole pain experience of abortion; the post abortion dangers can kill the woman who has done abortion in various ways. The mental health of a woman who has aborted as the probability of suffering afterward. Women who have not procured an abortion tend to be happier in life compared to women who have aborted since they are not happy because of the whole ordeal. In addition to undergoing trauma women who have aborted may undergo miscarriage if they try to get the child when they feel the time is right. Women that have done abortion have ten times chance of experiencing a miscarriage in the second trimester, and they are three times likely to experience premature birth Moreover, a woman who has aborted is two times likely to experience still birth (Rosenthal, 2015). All these dangers are generated when the abortionist stretches the woman womb from 35 to 60seconds whereas woman’s womb stretches over twelve or more hours during natural labor. By stretching the woman’s womb rapidly muscles of the womb tears hence making the muscles of the vagina week thus cannot hold subsequent pregnancies. Trigg (2014) observed that abortion is equivalent to murder since once a woman has done abortion the probability of her not being able to bear a child in her womb is very high and he conclude that abortion robs women the feeling of being a mother and carry baby in their woman. Furthermore, despite the dangers associated with pregnancies, abortion is immoral to practice and should stop.

The unborn children should be accorded legal fortification. The infant in a mother’s womb is a being and nevertheless a baby; the infant should be accorded the similar legal protection just like all other human beings. A killing fetus is killing, and it should be forbidden. To consider that it will make abortion murder. Trigg (2014) observed that allowing abortion to thrive is like encouraging a special type of discrimination. Premkumar et al. (2017) likened those people who encouraged abortion to those people who practiced racism. He viewed that those innocent infants are subjected to discrimination due to their fragile nature, and they cannot speak for themselves to demand their right. Premkumar et al. (2017) suggested that abortion should be condemned and fought with the same vigor that gay people, black people, and women fight for their rights so that the society could acknowledge them.

As much as abortion is considered a murder, it can be done under some circumstances. There are some instances where abortion should be carried out with the advice of the doctor. For instance, in a situation where the pregnancy of a woman put their lives in danger, and the chances of the child surviving birth are minimal then abortion can be carried out to save the mother’s life. Trigg (2014) observed that abortion that is prescribed by a qualified doctor should be considered to save the life of the mother. The mother whose child has been aborted should be placed under the special program so that they can be advised to cope up with the loss they have experienced (Premkumar et al. 2017).

In conclusion, laws should be passed to discourage abortion. Abortion is the order of the day in America society, and this evil behavior should be stopped. The society has failed to raise its children to follow the norms of God. Also, the society has failed to hold its youths to account for their life since they are engaging in unplanned sex and end up being pregnant. The law should stipulate the only situation whereby abortion can be carried out to curb the rising incidences of abortion.


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