A Yellow Raft in Blue Water Rayona Section

Chosen Passage:

“This scrap of paper in my hand makes me sense poor in a way like I just heard of rich. Jealous. What kind of a character would throw it away?”

Theme of Struggle and Misunderstanding:

The chosen passage communicates a lot about one of the themes in the book; subject of struggle and misunderstanding. The confession that Rayona makes upon inspecting the latter evidently shows that she is a product of a generation full of war and misunderstanding. Rayona is in the dark about his past because, throughout her life, her mom kept her away from some truth besides she feels the writer of the book demonstrated how Rayona family obtained beset in many problems. Ironically, Rayona is also unaware of such secrecy that contributes to the theme of misunderstanding in the book, and therefore she does not bother to struggle to explore the truth.

Rayona's Naivety:

In as much as that happens, Rayona is capable of drawing a cute observation around things around her, but she fails to take into account such activities. One of the characters of Rayona as evident from the passage shows that she is naive. Rayona appears to form an opinion concerning her identity based on how she thinks other people view her situation. Besides, the passage shows Rayona is in a relaxed setting while her mood is full of zealous. Rayona desires are to have “ideal” family where parents can directly show their love for their children and her less dysfunctional family.

Symbolic Use of the Latter:

The chosen section also gives some sense of direction on the symbolic use of the latter. The latter symbolizes the lost life of Rayona and the kind of family life that she wants. In fact, the writing on the latter influences Rayona to decide the new sense of direction she wants to take in her life, for instance, finding love and experiencing security that which she does not get from her family.

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