A Good Man Is Hard to Find”

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A Good Man Is Hard to Find is a narration written by Mary O’Connor because of the odd yet intriguing characters, the ferocious storylines, and her moral worldview. The article is packed with fanatics and outcasts from the American South who elaborate on subjects such as religion and violence. Initially, her works were set in the rural South and explored the relationship between God and man, as well as her typescripts in gruesome circumstances due to severe conditions. Her childhood in a rural area influenced the character’s fiction in the portrayal of confrontation, character, and themes. In this essay, we will look at how the author uses different strategies to narrate the article.

The use of character

The title the author used was from the short story collection that served the purpose of introducing the rest of the fiction to the whole narration. The point of view in this description is about a family that embarks on a vacation. However, these characters elicit little sympathy from readers and set the main argument from the premise of her grace to everyone especially those who are despicable. For instance, the beginning of the story makes her be selfish, contemptible, and unpleasant old lady who feels morally superior compared to other characters, claiming that her conscience guides her choices in life. However, at the end of the story, she offers love and compassion to the Misfit, believing that they share some traits amidst the fact that they were from different worlds (O’Connor 348).

The use of themes

The author’s work is described as fiction because of the action of elegance in the world. The majority of readers will find O’Connor’s work to be identified with the transcendent of disruptive and violent force that is unpalatable and even more appalling than other stories. For instance, the use of themes elaborate the diverse ways people portray in the manner of character they operate. Two ideas are used from the play where the grandmother and Misfit do a lot of nasty things, like lies to her grandchildren and manipulate her son that does not qualify them to receive grace (O’Connor 346).

The point of view

O’Connor creates awareness of the powerful reality to her modern nonspiritual viewers as well as the monarchy of a supreme mystery. The author was also interested in using fiction to express the everyday realities seen around a clear view to the underlying levels of the eternal and obsolete characters. In this story, O’Connor reveals an outstanding demonstration of the dynamics between her art and the reader as she thought since she spent more time in explaining this story than any other. It was as if she was indulging herself in elucidating a single story as a model for the interpretation of others. Those who misunderstood the story O’Connor used numerous styles and critics to readers to enable them to understand better.

The use of language and tone

The narration was also meant to college the audience the meaning when she correctly pointed out “moment of grace’’ in the story and the comment about her intentions. She believed that literature should stand out on its own despite the fact that it may be misunderstood frequently. It was, therefore, her duty to make sure that she goaded her speaking to the purposes she is meant to do by embodying the meaning thought the article. The author also uses different tones such as figures of speech, slang expressions, and trivia to bring out the theme and mode of the story. It’s clear that the definition of a good man according to the story is biased, gullible and includes poor judgment. For instance, words such as ‘oncets’ were considerably inflected with the Southern dialect. Moreover, other phrases such as figures of speech, the mention of prayer and Jesus were used to portray satire and irony of the Southern beliefs (O’Connor 5).

The use of symbols

Lastly as analyzed, the author uses different symbols to describe the meanings of characters. For instance, she describes grandmother’s dressing to represent efforts made by women who are concerned about their appearance more than morality and decency. This meant that the grandmother dressed in a navy blue straw sailor hat. The other characters she uses to symbolize the battle between good and evil where the grandmother signifies good things while the misfit denote


The reader as seen in the essay is supposed to get the meaning of the story as the grace that works in mysterious ways. When they read, the author intended to make them develop faith. For instance, the clues are there for readers who have eyes to see them—a gesture, a childlike smile on the face of a dead old woman. However, there is more elaboration about the clues because they are equally subjected to a true-to-life understanding. For instance, the accident, the mistaken identity, and the random fate may look ironic, but their ultimate purpose is to assist the readers to see the working of grace in her stories where she provides using faith. Also, O intended to make readers understand about the action of grace and how it is recognized in the fiction that portrayed her as evil.

Work Cited

O’Connor, Flannery. A good man is hard to find. New Canadian Library, 2015.

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