A discussion on Trump

Donald Trump's Presidency

Donald Trump's presidency is very critical for Americans and the world, economically, socially, and philosophically. With some feeling like he is going to be a poor man, numerous individuals have varying views about his leadership (How Did President Trump Fare, 2017).

Transforming America

Trump is an individual, though, who will transform America and boost its fiscal, social, cultural, and political facets. The Conservatives have the ability, from a political point of view, to move for the reinstatement of constitutional foundations that restrict the country from advancing well, such as immigration problems. Philosophically, President Trump ought to pay attention to the aspect that has a relationship with the typical liberalism such as individual liberty, free assembly, free markets, and the rule of law. Spiritually, the election of president Trump represents an answer to the American players who are worried about the decline of American power in the world, police attacks, loss of their jobs and threats to their commitment to Judeo-Christian principles.

Building a Better Nation

President Trump is able to make the nation better and stronger by ensuring that he resents the nation's course. To attain this he must modify the relations between individuals, political groups, and bureaucrats among others. Many of Trump's supporters expected him to become a means to transform the nation. His success is recognizable through the use of continued outreach to those persons who are optimistic about the American unique nature and how constructive it is to the globe. With President Trump, America is able to rise to its greatness once more thus enhancing its citizens to achieve their dreams (Grudem, 2017). In fact, Trump has shown great attempt to fulfil whatever he utters for he is a true speaker. Indeed, he is able to relate very well with the African-Americans more so as seen in town hall meetings and inner city black churches.

Empathy for the People

Trump is a president that empathizes with those mothers who lose their kids to drug and crime to a great extent and understands the need for better jobs and opportunities as well. In addition, the discriminative record on the prejudice practiced upon the black community by the Democrats is in the process of being eradicated through his efforts. According to Trump, there is need to assist low-income people to reduce their dependent on the government, an act which contributes to the deterioration of the economy (Grudem, 2017). He encourages those willing to make effort to receive financial aid offered by the churches, partners, friends and institutions showing his concern for his people. Trump, opinion is that people have self-esteem when they are able to work and provide for their families.

Concern for Civil Rights

President Trump is very much concerned about the rights of the black and white people. He urges people to recognize and acknowledge the civil rights in order to embrace true in race relations change by means of a new approach (Grudem, 2017). Besides he raises some concerns about the economic struggle experienced by some of the people as well as their genuine worries about their personal safety and increasing animosity against them. He goes on to beg the Americans to be concerned about the increased mortality rates in the white community. H is concerned about increased drug abuse, early deaths from suicide, and other causes which are preventable.

Challenges and Efforts

Nevertheless, President Trump has encountered much opposition from the politicians who have not accepted his transition to power. He, therefore, ought to invalidate the executive orders, administrative statements, and regulation. More so he should establish an independent commission which will review the report on immigration reform. However, President Trump is much willing to eradicate illegal immigration as well as protect the needs and interests of the Americans.


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