A Comparative Analysis of Conflict Management Strategies in Manufacturing and Service Sectors

What are the basics that a journal, a book or any other important source of information regarding conflict resolution that should be well covered? Conflict is a field that has become very important in society today. It cannot be evaded. It plays most of the fundamental roles in the wellbeing and the living conditions of human beings in society. Many people generally oversee conflict as a negative aspect in the society. Yes, it is. This statement is not factual when it comes to great thinkers, scholars, and philosophers among other specialists. Conflict is recognized with both the negative approach and most importantly its positivity. Many thinkers have developed different and diverse approaches to conflict. Also, there has also been the establishment of strategies and mechanisms of solving the conflicts in the society. Therefore, a good number of individual thinkers and scholars have developed the field of conflict and conflict resolution largely. In the development of the field, generally, the scholar or author should be aimed at explaining deeply what conflict is, the several types of conflicts, its occurrence and the favorable techniques that can be used to control conflict when it arises.

            Conflict Management Strategies: A Comparative Analysis of the Employees Working for the Service sectors is a scholarly journal that has wealthy ideas regarding conflict and its management. The unity of three great scholars has developed the works. The journal approaches conflict is an amazing way. The scholars mainly base their work on conflict management strategies and mostly on the employees offering their workforce in the service sector (Kodikal, Rahiman and Pakeerrappa 5). The journal was developed by Dr. Rashmi Kodikal and Habeeb Ur Rahiman, both professors in the Centre for Management Studies and Research P.A College of Engineering in India and Dr. P. Pakeerrappa, professor in Mangalore University still in India. Therefore, this shows how the journal has a wealth of ideas as far the field is concerned. The journal was developed in 2014 (Kodikal, Rahiman and Pakeerrappa 6).

            In general, the material is well organized. It starts with an emphasis on the universal definition of conflict. It defines conflict as a disagreement over issues of substance or circumstances such as emotional antagonism. It clearly defines conflict as concurrent in both individuals and groups. Also, the scholars also explain the manifestation of conflict. Issues such as mental thrive, struggles, contests, agony and collusion among others are also well addressed. Both sides of the conflict are well addressed, as both constructive and destructive. The article also approaches conflict in its nature and especially with the major emphasis on an employee basis. According to (Kodikal, Rahiman and Pakeerrappa 7), conflict can be perceived regarding line, latent, manifest and staff. In addition, there is also an approach to the sources of conflict. Some of the sources discussed include contradicting perceptions, the presence of personality clashes, a different set of values and threat to status among others. The main outcomes of both the destructive and constructive nature of conflict are also addressed. As a concussion, several techniques of conflict management are also discussed. The major emphasis on management strategies is limited to both manufacturing and service sector.

In general, the article is productive. The authors focus their work on both the manufacturing and service sector. It is not generalized. It does not approach conflict at other levels but the mentioned ones.

Works Cited

Kodikal, Rashmi, Habeeb Ur Rahiman and P Pakeerrappa. "Conflict Management Strategies – A Comparative Analysis of the Employees Working For Service Sectors." International Research Journal of Business and Management (2014): 1-12.

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