Young Goodman and the Man in the Black Suit

There are some parallels and variations between the two novels, The Man in the Black Suit and Young Goodman Brown. The comparisons focus on essential facets of literature, such as the controversy about the existence of good and bad. However, obvious variations mean that the tales are distinct in their narration due to the writers' diverse styles and the circumstances that inspired their positions. Both tales feature prominent figures who play an important part in the portrayal of the devil and how the devil induces a revolutionary transformation as one's life is affected. Stephen King and Nathaniel Hawthorne presentation of the devil in a persuasive manner, however, has notable differences in that the outcomes are different. The manner in which the devil appears in the two stories can also be used to draw the thin line in which the evil concepts are presented in the two accounts. King_x0092_s account has the devil seeking ways to scare the protagonist and ensure that his plans in life are unsuccessful. In Nathaniel_x0092_s narration, the devil uses temptations and does not eventually succeed in making the protagonist a failure. Both protagonists, however, find it difficult to draw the thin line between reality and dreams.
The story of The Man in Black Suit narrates the events of young boys as they experience the devil in their lives. Gary, the narrator, recounts the horrific incidences that took place in his life in the Motton Maine Town (King 23-24). His brother would later pass away after being attacked by angry bees. The mother started questioning the ideas of faith and made the decision that she would not be attending church services. The mother teams up with her husband and starts embracing the idea that there are forces behind their misfortunes and begin to be overprotective to their children. The desire to offer the extra protection is seen when Gary is warned about fishing far from the shore although this did not prevent him from encountering a supernatural phenomenon of a human-like being, exceedingly tall and with long pale hair. The ghost-like creature appears after his attempt to scare away a bee that had landed on his nose. The creature, which is given a devilish description, lies that he will undergo molestation from the father and that his mother has already passed away.
A similar disturbing even took place in Hawthorne_x0092_s narration. The author presents an encounter with the devil in a similar situation that Gary witnessed in the forest. Although the Gary started being psychologically tortured while fishing, the devil chased him in the forest. Upon reaching home, he realizes that what the devil had said was a lie. Just like Gary, Goodman Brown ended up being stigmatized and lost the faith of the Puritan world within a single night (Hawthorne 22-24). Unlike Goodman, Gary_x0092_s mother is the one who experiences the torture and eventually lost faith in the church for questioning the reasons behind her suffering. The two allegory stories, therefore, have similar and different aspects that revolve around the central idea of the interferences by supernatural powers that are beyond human grasp. Works Cited
Hawthorne, Nathaniel. Young Goodman Brown. Booklassic, 2015.
King, Steven. The Man in the Black Suit. Philtrum Press, 1994.

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