Would Areas with Concealed Carry Laws have Higher Homicide Rates?

Since quite some time, there have been numerous shootings and other crimes

The Oregon College shooting, which resulted in ten fatalities and numerous injuries, is one of the most shocking incidents. Similarly, it is impossible to avoid reading news articles about homicides that have occurred in different places. Politicians and commentators offered what they believed to be the best remedy for the rising criminal activity in modern society: more guns. Some government officials contend that citizens should carry concealed weapons out of the simple fear of being disarmed, particularly in a helpless situation is an irresponsible and fatal choice that can lead to the death of innocent individuals (Defilippis & Hughes, 2016). Despite these sentiments, a lot of contention has arisen concerning the effectiveness of concealed guns and the relationship with criminal activities. This debate, therefore, leads to the question as to whether or not regions which implement concealed carry laws have higher or lower homicide rates.

Discussion of Rates and Statistics

First and foremost it is important to bring to light that previously, statistics indicated that the states with the right to carry guns had lower or no increase in the crime rates. This data says a lot concerning civilian gun ownership. In some states, guns can be carried openly, but the focus here is on concealed weapons. As such, a study conducted between 1980 and 2009 showed a 10% higher rate of homicides in areas that had restrictive CCW regulations. A good example is the state of Florida which saw a staggering 36% to 4% reduction in the rates of homicides soon after the concealed carry law was passed and implemented (Gillin & Sherman, 2015). Likewise, Texas saw a 50% faster reduction in murder rates, a 500% faster rate of decline in rape cases while assault fell 200% faster in the years following CCW implementation. Furthermore, there are several events where armed civilians helped other citizens and the police in preventing mass murder and crimes (Gun Facts, 2017).

Considering that some individuals claim that CCW laws can lead to more irresponsible gun use

Other statistics show that deaths and injuries have reduced radically, dropping by more than 80% since the introduction of the law. According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, there is a correlation between the increasing numbers of concealed gun permits from 4.6 million to 12. Million and the subsequent decrease of murder cases from 5.6 deaths to 4.2 per 100,000 individuals (Gun Facts, 2017). For these reasons, the argument that more guns lead to violence is directly refuted since more permits facilitated reductions instead. Larry Keene, one of the top officials of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, agrees with this statement. He insists that Law-abiding citizens with concealed guns do so for their safety and that is why crimes have declined.

Although all the above data indicates that offenses are 11% higher in states without CCW laws

Some research studies have directly refuted these findings (Howell, 2015). An example is the Texas A&M paper which undertook a study in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Texas. Based on their results, the paper indicated that there was no significant relationship between the number of concealed weapons in the public domain and the changes in criminal activity rates (Defilippis & Hughes, 2016)


In conclusion, the A&M paper purports that enacting CCW laws and increasing permits has no effect on crime. However much these findings show a different situation, they still support the fact that concealed carry laws do not increase homicide rates in the respective regions. Previously discussed data also offers sufficient evidence to support this finding and also to illustrate the possible reduction in crime (including homicide) due to CCW laws.


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