Workplace gender differences

In 2017, the continuation of gender inequality in the workplace has tremendous consequences for family and life. The most influenced by differences that are manifested in organizations by human resource policies are women staff (Stamarski, & Hing, 2015). Although sexism in the workplace has a negative effect on female workers in the workplace by reduced earnings, lack of female leadership, and longer time than men to advance their jobs, it also has an impact on their families and lives (Stamarski, & Hing, 2015). The foundations of their families are also regarded by women. The role they play in the family, especially in children’s development, is more important than that of men. Undergoing discrimination in the workplace can be a traumatizing experience for any person including men. However, for women, because of the stereotypes labeled against them for so long, they are more affected. There is a high possibility that they develop disorders such as stress and depression. These disorders lead to women distancing themselves from family affairs which negatively affects the growth of the family. Moreover, these disorders lead to seeking medical care which costs the family unnecessary expenses that could have been avoided.

In 2017, it would be expected that organizations have put in place measures to mitigate against gender inequalities. However, in organizations that women experience these ordeals, they grow to hate themselves, as they feel unwanted by their peers and the society. This is catalyst towards breakage of family relationships as well as losing the meaning of life. Workplace discrimination is no different from racial discrimination. Therefore, this means that the effects on the family and life are almost similar. Women who face workplace discrimination are likely to be less social and active in the normal family and life activities.


Stamarski, C. S., & Hing, L. S. S. (2015). Gender inequalities in the workplace: the effects of organizational structures, processes, practices, and decision makers’ sexism. Frontiers in psychology, 6.

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