women from minority religious and ethnic groups

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As early as the 1980s, women from minority religious and ethnic communities in Western European countries have not been defined by policy-makers as a population in need of special defense from unique types of harassment or rape. They were more likely to be invisible as a focus audience and overlooked the specificity of their needs. Today, most of the countries addressed in this study have legislation, action plans and programs to address abuses faced primarily by women and girls in immigrant, refugee or ethnic groups (Falola, 2001). They are therefore involved in the decision-making process in the region. They are also given an opportunity that enables them to participate in the organizations system in coming up with rules and regulations.
Ideally, when one gets married with a spouse that comes from a different culture it takes time for an individual to adopt and accept when the pother partier does. In addition, for one to inherit and alter completely his/her behavior to what others do it becomes a challenge. But with time and understanding it makes it easier. In most countries a shift has taken place. Up to the 1980s, multicultural rhetoric prevailed, including the belief that diversity was an inherently good thing and respect for different cultural and religious practices was desirable. That has been replaced by the recognition that difference can be problematic and attempts to find ways to promote shared values. Basically, women are regarded as house helpers to their husbands. This did not sound well to the ladies (Ålund, & Granqvist, 1995). Therefore, a constitution was made to equalize the duties and bills in the development and child rearing of the young ones. Hence, in the modern society women are recognized and respected in the society. They can even vie for various seats in the government and be good leaders in the society. Of late some women are presidents and they do rule citizens in the right way.
Besides, traditionally women were not allowed to dress in the trousers. If one was found wearing a trouser it would be taboo since that was against the customs. Therefore, ladies were wearing long dress which makes them to be submissive and respective to their husbands. But with the coming of the modern technology it has really changed our culture up to an extent you find men wearing braids. Ideally, it does not make sense when people do things against the will of God. God created people on his own image and likeness. But they have decided to alter the will of God and start dressing and bleaching making them to look different from what God had created. This has brought an argument amongst many since people have different take on the above issues (Eliot, 2010).
Finally, the issue of marriage and gender equality and dress code made me differ with most people in campus. Since the way they do things is not comparable to what our ancestors were doing them. They actually do dress as if they are naked and marry and divorce the way they want. Therefore, this has made me comprehend that we are not in the right tract (Kiesling, Paulston, & Wiley InterScience, 2005). On contrary, after doing a thorough research I came to realize it is because of the cultural roots which will determine the kind of a person the society will bring up. If the community emphasis on the traditional customs it will automatically bring one to be the best leader in the society. I therefore, want to encourage my fellow students to understand one’s strength and weaknesses before concluding on what to do.

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