Within a Mob Hitman’s Subconscious

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Psychopathy is not inherited, according to the psychiatrist consulted by the Ice Man, but is formed over time by people in conjunction with the environment in which they are. When Richard matured into an adolescent and young adult, he grew into children who became fearless, wounded, and bullied. According to the doctor, Richard’s actions were due to the lack of affection and kindness from his parents that caused him to be hateful and try to hurt people (Nisco).
According to the doctor, aggression and psychic operations may be hereditary. They elaborate that there are genes within psychic potential individuals that with the impact of a violent environment during their childhood trigger the individual to psychic behaviors. Richard from birth up to 10 years underwent brutality from both of his parents. His father kept hitting him multiple times brutally without caring how much it hurt Richard. He was similarly brutally punished by his mother who went extensively to hit him with a broom. Richard lost love and developed hate that then made him psychic.

Victims of crime within college institutions are normally individuals that in most occasions associate with criminal-like activities and individuals that do illegal activities. I have witnessed the inclusion of drug abuse and heavy drinking activities within the college environments. Avoiding this groups would result in the safety of the victims. Similarly, I noticed most individuals receive threats from the criminals in case they are found by other individuals in the college. Associating and portraying negativity towards the criminally minded individuals could result in them hurting innocent people.


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