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Personality Traits of a Sociopath in Society

There are various personalities in today's society that are embraced by various people. Furthermore, people have either poor or nice characters. Being a sociopath is one of the undesirable characteristics with which a person can identify. As a result, a sociopath is a person who embraces the attributes of having a mental disease, articulating severely antisocial acts, and most of these behaviors are done without any conscience (Todd, & Sweeney, 134).

Attributes of a Sociopath in the Film

Moreover, in the film, some of the attributes of a sociopath includes glibness and superficial charm, manipulative and charming, grandiose sense of sense, pathological lying, lack of remorse, and the need for stimulation. Additionally, lack of empathy, poor behavioral, and promiscuous sexual behavior are also some of the attributes just as Donald Trump.

In one of the incidences that had involved Roger, Peter, and Tracey, the attributes of a sociopath are seen. The dispute that was to be settled ends into a quarrel when Roger decides to pick the gun, and because he had the attributes of a sociopath, it was always very dangerous because he could act without having any sense of feeling. In the war, they staged he is bound to win without considering whether he was going to use the right mechanism. However, Jacob manages to convince Roger to hand over the weapon so that the matter would be resolved through peaceful means (Todd, & Sweeney, 134). Additionally, Jacob had used the trick of making Roger believe that he will be granted a job of a higher rank if he gives in and surrenders the gun. As the film progresses, Jacob makes an announcement of the new job description and the slot that Roger had been promoted to handle within the company, that is, he was to be the CEO.

Roger as a Sociopath

Roger is depicted in the film as a typical sociopath for he uses the power he had been given in the company for fulfilling his selfish gains, though he had ambitions of improving the company and treating everybody fairly. He exhibited nearly all the characters that are used to define a sociopath as a person with promiscuous sexual behavior and always acts out of conscious. The aspect of superficial charm is seen when he interacts with the call girls with a perception of immorality at the back of the mind (Todd, & Sweeney, 134). He acts within his powers to operate on actions that will convince the lady. He only recommends the colleague using positive attributes that are only associated with the king. Additionally, because of the attributes that are associated with those of a sociopath, he does not have the capacity to internalize whether the action he is taking will compromise the performance of the company. Moreover, Roger is seen in the film as a person who is manipulative and cunning in approach that can be supported by the approach he gives the girl.

Questionable Self-Esteem and Lack of Remorse

Moreover, Roger is seen as an individual who had questionable self-esteem. The attribute is evident just from the way he was interacting with the employee who had gone to his office to present their sentiments. Additionally, he always does his introduction the reversed way and did not have the much-needed office etiquette that should be embraced by people in administrative positions that will be a good rapport and public relations between the employee and the employer. Moreover, he always does his introduction to the visitors in a way that does not show any form of respect to the visitors (Gulam et al., 290). The nature of the introduction makes people develop a bad attitude towards him as they see Roger to be unfit for the office and always brags for no apparent reason.

Most importantly, the traits that one can always use to refer to Roger are some of the renowned characteristics that are associated with a sociopath. The actor was never guilty of any form of action that he was involved in and was never remorseful to bring out the sense of feeling sorry for intimidating acts. Throughout the story film, the attribute of not having any sense of guilt in nearly everything he was saying and doing. For instance, at the time when he was at the company, he narrates a story of power outbreak that had involved a child (Melossi, & Dario, 460). However, the story was narrated in a manner that seemed a mockery to the plight of the child. Additionally, despite the small age of the child who had been burnt, he does not sound as though he cares and feels sorry. Therefore, the trait of a sociopath of being complacent and does not feel for their fellow when in trouble was a major character that could be used to describe Roger.

Moreover, the attribute of Roger of not being remorseful when a tragedy befalls the community can be seen at times when a person dies. Death is always considered one of the pains of life that one cannot bear when they lose their loved ones. He is seen much keen on his reputation rather than sending messages of condolences to the bereaved. Moreover, a sociopath is that they always exhibit poor control of their behavior. At the company where Roger was the CEO, he misplaces some of the crucial documents that were important towards the operation of the company. Some of the documents that were used to do the transactions like the checklist cannot be traced where he had placed them (Melossi, & Dario, 460). Initially, he was charming while trying to persuade Jacob, which he had an intention of fulfilling his self-interests. However, he drastically changes his behavior when it comes to his realization that what he had intended to achieve is a mere impossibility.

The Transformation of Roger and Manipulative Nature

The turning point of the film is realized at that point when Roger realizes that his mission has failed and he can never be lenient again to people. Further, he works on the measure that will help him maintain his power. The scenario brings the aspects of the psychopathic fiction that bring to light the egocentric nature of Roger. The implication is that Roger uses a mask to cover his negative side just to get what he wants, and when he realizes that their interests cannot be addressed, he turns wild and operates to protect what they have at hand without bothering the means they can attain the wants (Gulam et al., 278). Additionally, Roger was never showing any sign of being submissive to defeat and consider him to be right all the way in all actions he was doing. However, it is unfortunate that the disorder cannot be controlled and so Roger just has to act in the manner in which he had exhibited his characters.

Moreover, Roger was a character who lacked the sense of feeling and never saw anything wrong in harming others. However, he felt bad when he smells the danger of losing his job, an indication that he was self-centered and only did things to favor him. In a real-life situation, the president of the US can be used to refer to the attributes of a sociopath because he always does things to favor him. Additionally, he was seen as a personality who could manipulate already existing facts, destroy, and violate the rights of others just to protect their status quo. For example, the incidence that had involved Donald Trump and Andrew Tesoro is a good example of manipulative and exploitative attributes that are exhibited in the president (Gulam et al., 290). Andrew Tesoro had been hired to go and build a house in the Trump golf club where he was not to be paid for the job he had done, yet the structure that was to be built would tremendously benefit the owner.

Moreover, Andrew was never paid the exact amount he was to be given for the job as they had agreed. Trump was known for not paying for the small jobs that people had done for him. Besides, Trump had more than one incidence that can be used to relate him to being a sociopath. Many incidences had been noted like the violation of the rights of women (Gulam et al., 277). The recent case was when he had been spotted kissing a woman without her consent and yet he seems not to care. What makes the situation tricky is the fact that he brags after doing the act as though he is above the law.

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