Why We Fight - A 2005 Documentary Film

"Why We Fight" - A Documentary Film by Eugene Jarecki

"Why We Fight" is a documentary film by Eugene Jarecki that examines the "business of war" and the role of the military in the United States. The film features interviews with veterans of Vietnam and Iraq, as well as military experts and policy makers. It also explores the military-industrial complex and defense spending. This is an insightful film that military enthusiasts value deeply. Check it out if this sounds like something you would enjoy. Below you can find a detailed review of this movie which hopefully will help you determine whether or not you wish to put it on your watch list.

Jarecki interviews policy makers

In the "Why We Fight" documentary film, Eugene Jarecki interviews policy makers on both sides of the political spectrum. From William Kristol of the Neo-con Project for the New American Century to Chalmers Johnson, an ex-CIA analyst, and Richard Perle, a former advisor to the Bush administration, Jarecki brings us inside the mind of the people who make decisions about war and peace. He also interviews Gore Vidal, a controversial writer and critic who calls the United States of Amnesia a "land of amnesia."

The documentary film also explores the politics of war and the role of the military establishment. The film asks why the United States is fighting wars and the role of the media in perpetuating them. It aims to enflame citizens' activism to end unnecessary wars. On the DVD, "Why We Fight" comes with additional features, including a commentary by Jarecki and extended character featurettes. In addition, there is an audience Q&A session and the filmmaker's appearance on "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart.

Jarecki interviews disillusioned people

The underlying theme of the film is a critique of the military-industrial complex. Jarecki borrows the title from one of Frank Capra's famed propaganda films from World War II, and he interviews disillusioned people from many sides of the conflict. The film also examines the history of the war in Iraq, and the role played by the United States military during that conflict.

"Why We Fight" is an eye-opening film. Although Jarecki is not an expert in military affairs, his documentary is compelling. While the subject matter may not appeal to conservative voters, liberal audiences may be moved by the film's powerful messages.

Jarecki interviews corporate interests

Michael Moore's film "Fahrenheit 9/11" was a powerful anti-war film, but Jarecki's film does the same thing, with its anti-war message but with a more personal focus. This film follows the story of a grieving parent and a Vietnam veteran. The film also features running insertions of kids and folks from a classic All American mise en scene. The film is also aided by Robert Miller's score, which serves as a resoundingly powerful underpinning for the interviews.

Jarecki's film is structured around a number of urgent issues. For example, there is a section about racism and cultural appropriation. The film also examines how the U.S. military has been manipulated by corporate interests in order to gain a profit. In this regard, the film is a good example of how corporate interests influence government policy.

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