What made me attracted to this university?

I believe that this is the right organization for me to enter because of a long, prosperous history and outstanding university leadership.
I am pleased by the location of the campuses, the accommodation and the students’ general treatment. I want to compete in the school athletics team upon acceptance. The best thing about this university is the atmosphere it provides which encourages social interaction among students who come from different parts of the world. The students in Lehigh University are friendlier as they always work as a group to ensure that each of them succeeds. This is a rare virtue that people can show. The campus is beautiful and relaxed. One can always feel comfortable when seated at any point of its environment as the atmosphere is friendly and decorated with good looking flowers. Also, Lehigh’s alumni are always supportive to the fresh graduates as many of them end up being employed by the alumni.

Clubs and activities

Clubs at Lehigh University range from sports clubs to academic societies, emergency crisis team, and cultural organizations.

In Lehigh University, the most honors option is offered by degree programs that entails a minimum of GPA and a project or a senior honors thesis.

Professors of sociology at Lehigh University

The following are the professors with whom I would like to work and acquire knowledge as learn under their watch. They are also the professors whom I would like to do my research under their guidance.

Kelly Austin

She is an associate professor of sociology and anthropology.


Austin, Kelly F.  2012. “Coffee Exports as Ecological, Social, and Physical Unequal Exchange: A Cross-National Investigation of the Java Trade.” International Journal of Comparative Sociology 53(3): 153-173

I once got a chance of reading this journal, and I got fascinated with how she talked about the Java Trade.

Danielle Lindemann

Assistant professor of sociology


Lindemann, Danielle J., Steven J. Tepper, and Heather L. Talley. 2017. “‘I Don’t Take My Tuba to Work at Microsoft’: Arts Graduates and the Portability of Creative Identity.” Accepted for publication in American Behavioral Scientist.

Lehigh University has produced many notable celebrities like;

Lester Hogan- Inventor

Lee Iacocca – Businessman

Don Most –Actor

Distance learning is offered at Lehigh University. I am much interested in studying in London, and I am happy that the programs are also available.

Lehigh University has notable alumni who are always available to offer guidance and all forms of support to their juniors.

The university has good and spacious housing that any occupant can be comfortable with.

Lehigh University is ranked as 47th best university in America.

Lehigh University has an average ACT score of 30

TOEFL minimum score for Lehigh University is 20 for reading, 15 for listening, 20 for speaking and 20 for writing.

IB credit/placement

Students who manage to earn IB can be granted credit in higher levels of advanced subjects. This is what interests me much.

Drexel University


The campus condition is impressive, old, large enough to accommodate lots of students and has quite an ancient history

The compound is breathtaking because of the decorations that are very attractive to the eyes.

The university offers sociology, public relations, and advertising courses. The courses offered for the majors in the above disciplines are as follows;

Sociology majors

SOC 101 Introduction to Sociology

SOC 115 Social Problems

SOC 2015 Criminology & Criminal Justices

The link to the courses is;


Their lots of clubs and activities that are so interesting like athletics club, music club, dancing club, community outreach club, literature club among others.

Honors track

Top-achieving students at Drexel University get a chance of enrolling for honors program

Professors of sociology; Drexel University

The following are the professors with whom I would like to work and acquire knowledge as learn under their watch. They are also the professors whom I would like to do my research under their guidance.

Mimi Sheller, PhD

Research interests; network theory, sociology of culture, micro-sociology a sociological theory


M. Sheller Consuming the Caribbean: From Arawaks to Zombies (London & NY:

Rutledge 2003)

Kevin M. Moseby, Ph.D.,

Research interests; biomedicine and health


Riemann, Bryan L., and Kevin M. Guskiewicz. “Effects of mild head injury on postural stability as measured through clinical balance testing.” Journal of athletic training 35.1 (2000): 19.

Notable celebrities from Drexel University

Christopher Fergusson- Astronaut

John Hall- Programmer

John Gruber- Writer

Drexel University offers international studies. I am much happy that I can enroll for French studies in Paris and still do my exams at Drexel University.

I am glad that when I accomplish my sociology studies at Drexel University, I have a pool of alumni from whom I can seek assistance regarding employment.

There is plenty of space and good housing that I will be comfortable with

Drexel University has an average ACT score of 27

Drexel university code for TOEFL is 2194 and has a score of at least 6.5

Students who manage to earn IB can be granted credit in higher levels of advanced subjects

I love everything about this institution, and I am more confident that given a chance to join it, I will emerge as successful as the notable alumni of the institution.

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