The main goal of this paper is to compose an essay that focuses on three main themes: the self, truth/reality, art, and philosophy. A brief explanation of what these words mean, as well as their relationship to one another, will be given. ‘The Self’ is the first subject to be discussed.
The key subject of discussion in this section of the paper is Avocado and Artichoke’s self-concept. A brief comparison study of these self-concepts will be explored as well. Avocados are a variety of fruit that is pear-shaped and has a yellowish-colored skin (Jackson, 2016). The World is made up of two types of people; the Seeking and the Seek – less; in reference to the book “Roots of Wisdom” Human beings have being categorized as either Artichokes and Avocados.

When we look at Avocados; if the seed is planted, a new avocado grows. This leads to the production of a continuous set of Avocados (Jackson, 2016). In Comparison to the Human life; a good example/version that can be used to explain on the Avocado idea of life is the fact that from an Avocado point of view Judaism and Christianity have different traditions that have different standards and ethics; however both of this traditions have one thing that they share in common (Jackson, 2016). The Torah and Bible agree to the fact that Human Beings are not perfect. Both of them also agree to the fact that we were made in God’s image and likeliness.

According to the Avocado point of view; Human beings might seem ordinary from the outside just like an Avocado. The difference comes in when we see that the core of the Avocado which represents the Heart of Human beings is very pure. All human beings are said to have a divine heart from which we seek our creator from. Based on this scenario; It can be concluded that the existence of an Avocado is not because of its outside layer but because of its core and as a result Jews and Christians believe that what makes you special is the fact that you are created in the image of God.

Artichokes self-idea greatly differs from the Avocado self-idea in a very distinct way. An Artichoke is the flower head of a plant. It does not have any center or seed. This means that it cannot be able to produce into the next generation (Jackson, 2016). From an Artichoke’s point of view; people believe the fact that we as ‘Human beings’ do not have a purpose in this life. Some of this people exist as a waste of time and space. Based on this scenario, it is safe to say the fact that the Avocado Self idea greatly differs from Artichokes idea in a significant way. A good example is the fact that Avocado Self idea group of people believe in Religion and Purpose while the Artichoke group of people does not.


In order to prove the fact that such groups of people exist, a close analysis/discussion about this characters will be jotted down. In reference to Artichoke’s Self idea; when we look at music, most of the musician live a life that is very strange and hard to understand (Cazeaux, 2017). The Kind of life that this personnel live is very astonishing; most of the musicians in the World are not religious. Most of them practice customs and traditions that go against most religions. Generally; it is safe to say the fact that this musicians live a fast life without caring of what is going to happen next.

In reference to Avocado’s Self idea most television shows, films and short stories that depict Religious leaders to be a group of people who know what their purpose is. Most of this religious leaders are people who have a visions with the Human race; their main target is to save as many sinful lives as they ought to (Cazeaux, 2017). This leaders also have aim of spreading God’s Word, message and population. Generally; I agree with Descartes that self and the material World are distinct entities (Cazeaux, 2017). A good example that can be used to prove the fact that the subject/mind and the Object/World/Body are distinct is the fact the Object/World/Body is made up of features that extensional.

This features include Shape, Size, movement and Position; on the other hand, the mind is distinct in the sense that is does not occupy any space. The Subject/mind does not have features that are extensional (Cazeaux, 2017). The self and the World are organic unities. Art is a means that is used in transforming the self and reality. It might be aspirational; this means that it allows one to achieve catharsis just like Aristotle suggested. Art can be related with the Avocado self-idea in the sense that most of the forms of art have an outer and inner meaning (Cazeaux, 2017). In reference to the artichoke’s view; some people believe in art while others do not believe in it.


Art can be defined as a diverse range of Human related activities especially when it comes to the creation of performing, auditory and visual artefacts. Philosophy on the other hand can be defined as the process of studying fundamental and general problems such as values, reason, language and the mind (Jackson, 2016). Art and Philosophy are related in very many ways. One of the main ways through which Art and Philosophy are closely related with one another is the fact that both of them require representation, interpretation, form and expression (Jackson, 2016). Art also requires some form of skill/ talent through which one can be able to perfect through philosophical studies.

I agree with Descartes that logical and critical thinking are the best ways of achieving certainty about reality and existence. Thinking helps one to open up their mind so that they can be able to think broadly in all aspects (Cazeaux, 2017). As a result of thinking; people can be able to come with solutions or answers based on the reality in the World as well as the existence of the Human Population.

However; it is important to note the fact that this view is a rejection of the natural standpoint that is adopted by rationalism and empiricism. This is because of the fact that logical and critical thinking may go beyond Religious/Christian beliefs (Cazeaux, 2017). It is also rejected by Phenology. Just like films; some of the musical forms of art express more truth as compared to others. A good example that can be used to prove on this fact is that some of the musical forms of art are normally written behind a true story (Jackson, 2016). Some of them are written from a true story. The Purpose and idea of culture differ from one culture to the other based on their use and importance.


Cazeaux, C. (2017). Art, Research, Philosophy. Taylor & Francis.

Jackson, D. (2016). The Development of Self in Multicultural Experiences.

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