Website of review: Department of Health and Family Services of Milwaukee

The Health and Human Services Agency of Milwaukee

Provides residents with a wide spectrum of mental health and other services in the county. Wraparound Milwaukee works primarily on children with varying social and emotional conditions, but the department supports children and adults alike. This paper is a review of the website of the department that reflects mainly on its mission, centralized programs, strategies, and metrics of success.

The Mission

The Department has a strong goal to increase the quality of life of citizens who provide assistance to all residents in the city who need to live stable, independent, and secure lives.

Through early assessment and intervention, the department can help individuals.

Integrated Services

The department has several integrated services: recovery, crisis, inpatient, and delinquency.

The recovery services assist people facing persistent mental illness recover from drug addiction and substance abuse. Crisis services provide emergency hospitalization to individuals confronted with a mental crisis. Inpatient services help mentally ill patients who need stabilization in a hospital environment where there is a team of professionals. Finally, delinquency services help solve juvenile delinquency by inculcating moral values to youths involved in the juvenile justice system.


To achieve its mandate, the department has established five policies (“Strategic Plans,” 2011, Goals).

The first policy is to recruit talented employees and offer equal opportunities for growth. The second plan allows for partnering with the community. Being efficient by adopting new technologies and streamlining its activities is another policy of the department. Lastly, some policies are meant to ensure prudent financial management and delivery of high-quality services.

Outcome Measures

The above policies have resulted in positive outcomes for the department.

For instance, every year through the recovery services the department assets 10,000 county residents aged 18-59 years. Also, the crisis service has established resource centers in two locations (“Crisis & Services,” 2011, para 2).


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