Warfare and Culture in World History

Henry Wadsworth and the Civil War

Henry Wadsworth wrote the poem after the warship arrived in Hampton Roads with the intention of changing the course of the naval battle. According to the author, the civil war was a watershed moment in US naval technology. The Confederate troops had no ships at the start of the battle, allowing union naval soldiers to quickly capture a sequence of tactically significant southern fortifications along the beach (Eksteins 49). The Confederacy, on the other hand, ordered the building of new breed ships known as ironclads from Europe, which were plated with iron and shielded them from enemy fire. After recognizing that the South's innovation, the Union forces engaged the engineers to built ironclads which lead advanced the war that we can see in the modern days.

The Monitor and Virginia Duel

Moreover, the author argues that the battle between the monitor and Virginia ended in the draw after many hours although it was the initial encounter between two ironclads. The fight garnered global attention and inspired many navies in the world to dump wooden-hulled construction. Furthermore, the civil war established the basis and intention to protect soldier from the enemy fires which has helped to decrease the number of casualties in the battle. America can fight attracted various nations worldwide to invent ships and other fighting weapons and armours that would be advantageous to their enemy (Eksteins 61). Moreover, the writer demonstrates the falling of various places and death of people which indicate that the states were transformed from the pre-war status to desperation since they did not achieve what they hoped to attain. The new state was based on the broken cultural and legal framework as well as bodies of many young men.

Chapter Eight Thesis

The Sibley's thesis in the eighth chapter is that wars and militaries do not appear or are not waged regarding the universal principles of the country, society to society or people to people but are linked with myths, norms, and beliefs of the cultures in the battle. During the summer and fall of 1918, the British expeditionary army underwent analysis in review of fights and encounters show dominion and British culture. Silbey compares the New Zealand division, Canadian Corps and Australian imperial force and how patriotism impacted their operational choices and how the decision had a significant role in the growth of nationalism (Lee 166). Furthermore, the operations in the battle shaped the country culture while the natural traditions shape activities in the war front since 1918 to date. Also, Sibley emphasis on the usefulness of the contemporary tool utilized by historiography to the military narration (Lee 174). Every nation created a signature occasion categorized as nationalism with the instances of people, things or events seen by the populace as a peculiar representation of their homeland.

The Role of Nationalism in the War

The utilization of Canadian and Australians as the shock troops during the summer offensive illustrates that such wars would be seen as the triumph for specific nations. Also, the act of raising and deploying Canadian soldiers abroad changed the Canada's authority status and needed substantial constitutional alteration by the administration (Lee 179). Further, the participation of the United Kingdom's colonies adjusted their status as well as self-conception which only deepened as the battle progressed. People or nation fights based on their beliefs and culture since the war is believed to restore or protect their nationalism.

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