visit of game park

A Process Decision Software Map

A Process Decision Software Map is a tool for constructing a contingency plan. PDPC assists in recognizing future obstacles that one can face when trying to accomplish clear goals (American Society for Quality, 2006). After identifying the potential challenges in actualizing a plan, it helps one to come up with possible solutions to the problems (American Society for Quality, 2006).

Planning a Visit to a Game Park

Application of a PDPC in planning a visit to a game park outside our country helped us to know the challenges and came up with solutions to facilitate feasibility of our plan as summarized below.

Research and Budgeting

After constructing a PDPC diagram, we found that doing research on the game park to visit is an important thing. We need to develop a budget for the visit so that we know the cost of the tour. After the research and developing the budget, we need to make some fundamental decisions about the tour. For us to accomplish our mission, we should decide on the game park to visit, set a date and know how we will get to the game park. Since we will be going far from our country, it is important that we get accommodation in the country.

Potential Challenges

Challenges that we might experience are; absence of some people, or we do not agree on one game park, getting a vehicle, some people may not like the place, the park might be booked by other people or may be closed, and maybe some of us will not be available.

Actions to Take

To actualize our visit, we must discuss early enough about the place and the date to visit. It is necessary to book a flight early enough to secure our flights. We need to contact a car hire firm early and book a vehicle. We should also arrange with the game park management to confirm that it will be open on our set date. It is important that we look for the day that everyone will be available. We also need to know where we will spend the night since will not come back on the same day.


All the stated countermeasures are viable because we have enough time to discuss the visit and we have the contacts of some game parks in other countries and, therefore, we will communicate with them before the visiting day. We will also contact car hire firms before that date.


American Society for Quality. (2006). Process Decision Program Chart (PDPC). Retrieved from

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