Video gaming analysis

In today’s generation, video gaming has grown quite popular, especially among young people. The Metroid Prime video game chosen for this examination was created and published by Retro Studios in 2002 for the Nintendo Game Cube. In the video game Bounty Hunter, Samus Aran travels to the isolated planet Tallon IV. It qualified as an instrument for social change and was successful in doing so since it allowed gamers to experience 3D images. It’s a good game since it tackles the cliché of science fiction by featuring characters who are secretive, educated, and technologically extremely accomplished. The Chozo race tries to defy existing stereotype by returning to their mortal form aiming to save their planet. However, they are destroyed. The challenges of using games for purposes other than entertainment include difficulties in understanding the meaning since characters are sometimes violent and fierce. Interpreting the message displayed becomes a challenge to the viewers. However, use of games for other purposes other than entertainment has the potential of changing the attitudes of a society and promoting peaceful coexistence (Edutopia, 2013). The game has the ability to change the world positively by instilling attitudes and behaviors that cause segregation and discrimination in terms of race. Future games should focus more on giving a good message to the public in addition to entertainment.
2. Game s and Society
Several videos have social themes such as the one called Food Force that could be downloaded easily. Developed by Konanmi, the game involved players delivering food to the needy people. The game has several aspects of culture that it is created for since it involves work of charity by organizations (United Nations Food Program. The game contains an educational theme in which players learn about a society problem involving inadequate food and the role of WFP in alleviating it. It reflects the role of society in promoting food security through established organizations in the world. The socio-cultural system entails the society trying to solve economic, social, and cultural issues that emerge (Edutopia, 2013). Some of the social elements that influence the game include community management shown by the action taken by the characters in distributing food to people living in poverty. The game is engaging as the player can participate in the main activity and be part of the mission. In addition, it seems rewarding since one feels satisfied after completing the mission and promoting quality life. The game reveals that the current society is faced with many challenges, which require combined effort and participation of institutions to promote quality life.
Multiplayer Online Battle Game
One game that touches on the society values is Hyperdimension Neptunia, which is a weird game involving console wars between Microsoft, SEGA, Sony, and Nintendo (Tsunako (2010). I chose Neptune as the best character that represents SEGA, is banished from the mortal world, and ends up losing her memory. Each of the characters plays a role that unleashes four-part combo attacks controlled by the branching menu system. The animation is quite slow as the characters skate passing in front of ugly backdrops. The music is repetitive and depicts pain during the battles. The game tries to make fun of the game industry with a lot of role-play. Interacting with other players was interesting although it involved a lot of violence. My real world is quite different from the virtual world portrayed by the characters since they are creations of human imagination. Neptune, the main character, is energetic but childlike while Iffy seems smart in every move. However, the game is enjoyable and worth playing since it is full of action.

Edutopia (2013). Gaming for Social Good.
Tsunako (2010). Hyperdimension Neptunia. PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows.

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