“This Thing Called Love” by Lauren Slater

This Thing Called Love

I found Lauren Slater's article "This Thing Called Love" interesting. The article explores the interactions of love and the sexual encounters that come with it. The author also talks about the various stages of love that begin when people get married and what happens after that.

Scholarly Viewpoint and Personal Experience

I like how the paper is a blend of the scholarly viewpoint of love and the personal experience of the author with her husband. Slater speaks about all the frustrations that come with being married and the varying types of feelings encountered by married people. She also uses the analogy of Flintstones and Dracula which to me I think gives the readers the idea that in love there are different stages and as people grow in love, love also grows with them.

The Role of Science and Narcotics

Moreover, the article talks about how science plays a huge role for one to understand his/her partner’s desires. Another thing that blew my mind is how narcotics can influence a person’s ability to fall and stay in love. I still cannot comprehend how love can be chemically similar to OCD. How are there ties between these two things? My inability to figure out how the two are related makes it difficult for me to agree with these theories of love.

The Fascinating Story of Renu Dinakaran

I also found the story of Renu Dinakaran fascinating. Renu’s was an Indian woman who did not believe in her parent’s planned marriages. However, she said nothing about it but only went away and found her true love. She was to get married to her cousin, but she did not like it. Personally, I hate the idea of arranged marriages.

The Different Stages of Love

According to the author, at the peak experience of the relationship, everything including sex is great, and lovers want more of it. However, after being in the relationship for some time, the romantic rapture begins to burn out. This shows the reader the different stages of love.

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