‘The World is Too Much with US’

Analysis of the Poem

Because there is only one stanza with 14 lines, the poem is easier to understand. Reading from the first line merely makes it easier to establish the overall idea of the poem.

The Exhaustion of the Modern World

The speaker seemed to be attempting to discuss the exhaustion that a person has as a result of the activities that occur in the world. The poem is composed in iambic pentameter based on the beat since each line comprises five groups of words with and without stressed syllables. It's an ABBA ABBA CDCDCD rhyme scheme Petrarchan sonnet. Line three speaks about consumerism while line five and six and seven speak about the potential of the sight of the ocean and wind to increase happiness and line 8 calls for appreciation of the natural world. The ninth line varies with others significantly (volta). The speaker begins expressing a wish to be a pagan because he is tired of the way things seek to get him down frequently.

Critique of Materialism

Apparently, the author is complaining about how overwhelming people become by tuning their lives in accordance with world events. He states that there is too much concern for accumulation of money within the shortest time is the primary agenda of people, and it usually leaves them exhausted. The people’s conduct is equivalent to selling their souls.

Paganism and the Appreciation of Nature

The primary message that the author wants to pass is that individuals ought to shift their lives to appreciate beauty such as the one created when the moon shines over the ocean and scenes created when strong winds blow. To emphasize on his position speaker argues that he opts to be a pagan that worships primitive gods that has such appreciation of nature.

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