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My desire to work in pharmacy has always been experiential. It has also been influenced by several experiences I had when visiting my grandparents. With my brother and sisters, I was raised in Vietnam, and throughout the sixteen years that I was there, I saw my grandparents just twice. The major jobs I had planned to pursue in the future at this time did not include pharmacy. However, if I had the chance to live with my grandparents in the United States, as fate would have it, my viewpoint would shift. This would change my cause of career forever for good and instill in me a desire to advance my skills to the good of humanity.

My time living with my grandparents enabled me to get firsthand experience the consequences of human illness on the fabric of a family. My grandparents lived what was supposedly a healthy life. My grandfather practiced a healthy lifestyle which involved adequate intake of water, practicing tai chi three times a week as well as sleeping well. However, this was not enough; he was leading in helping my grandmother who had bouts of illness. She was diagnosed with diabetes, arthritis insomnia, and high blood pressure. Her illness developed an interest in pharmacy in me due to the massive number of pills she was taking every day. I wanted to understand the role of each of the pills as well as to provide a solution to my family and the member of the society at large. The concept of pharmacology, therefore, started intriguing me as I thought of various ways which would alleviate her suffering. Due to the this, a saw my grandmother I felt deep within me that would commit my career towards service of people through pharmacy.

My grandfather realized my interest with the pills and encouraged me to pursue a career in medicine. I, however, choose to pursue pharmacy for the sake of bringing a solution to the predicament of the sick, especially those suffering from diabetes.

Since my grandfather was a good model for what a healthy lifestyle looked like, it came as a shock to me when he was taken ill with a brain tumor. Nonetheless, he bravely fought during surgery and was able to recover only to succumb to second illness.

In my opinion, a pharmacist plays a crucial role in the healthcare industry. More so, they help in the dispensing of medications and are able to monitor the progress of the patients. This helps in the healing process as they play a crucial role in liaising with the patients and the doctors. Moreover, they are fully committed to ensuring the patients get well by providing enough information regarding the status of health. I feel a higher call to play this role in helping in the administering of prescription medicines.

In addition, I would love to invest my knowledge in expertise in the development of new types of drugs which would bring solutions to major disease. Through my expertise, I would love to engage in research for the development of new drugs. This ranks as one of the main roles of the pharmacists in the healthcare system.

One of the goals to achieve is the development of new forms of medication which would help in eliminating diabetes and arthritis, the two diseases that affected my grandmother. Developing further research on the diseases will be a great contribution to the society. I purpose to further my studies up to the doctoral level which will be a good avenue to start research on the two diseases.

Evidently, a pharmacist acts as the custodians of the medication since they are involved in the dispensation and monitoring of the effects of the drugs. Furthermore, it is important to note that pharmacists can evaluate the effectiveness of medication through their analysis.

My past has grown in me the desire to pursue a career in pharmacy. After enduring the pain of a sick grandparent, I have resolved to ensure my expertise in helping the senior in the society. Furthermore, the old age needs close monitoring and I have gained a lot of experience through caring for my grandparents. Thus, I believe a career in pharmacy will not only be a great investment in me but also in the society at large. Therefore, due to my experience and passion, I believe I will be in a better position to serve the society.

Although my technical examination grades were affected as a result of the death of my grandfather, I am determined to pass in the forthcoming September. I have prepared and focused towards passing the forthcoming exam as I seek to march towards my future career. In addition, I have decided to seek employment after my examination with the intention of gaining the necessary experience required in the industry. Thus, I am strictly focused in my excelling in pharmacy with utmost commitment, and any opportunity to advance in my career will be taken diligently.

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