The Symphony Orchestra in London

10-day Orchestra Nights at Barbican

On September 14th at 7:30pm, 10-day orchestra nights was organized by Barbican. It featured local and international Classical music. This program brought the best orchestras and international artists to London. Staged orchestras, operas and contemporary compositions were some of the wonders of music seen in this concert. The aim of this event was to analyze the best masterpieces ranging from Baroque to the works that enhance the traditional classical styles. This event was indeed spectacular and it was graced with a large crowd and presented live performances of not only traditional but evolutionary masterpieces that represented the current generation. It was free to enter and the stage was set for a diverse performance from resident artist and invited international artists.

The Barbican and the London Symphony Orchestra

The Barbican is pursuing art with no limits and is currently moving across boundaries. Their music cut across all the classics forms of music and often does experiment on their work. The ground breaking concerts and musicians of contemporary classics bring to live the classical performance. The group has outstanding orchestras of international standards and a commanding soloist. The Barbican works hand in hand with London Symphony Orchestra (LSO), a resident orchestra, to bring their relatedness and celebration to the audience. The new Director of LSO is celebrating his new position as a Barbican director and has invited classical artists to embrace the occasion. The Barbican was keen also on showing their commitment on the LSO objective of serving the people and music. This is in line with the commitment made in 1904 when the group was formed. The LSO presents an innovative history which has continued to make it very contemporary and relevant. Their revolutionary orchestral recording of live music and the application of the new technologies makes the show a worthwhile experience. The audiences are able to observe the orchestras from the different angles enabling them to experience every gesture and emotional bearings.

Sir Simon Rattle's Debut as Associate Artist

The concert was mainly a celebration event welcoming Sir Simon Rattle as an associate artist of the Barbican and a LSO music director to London. The concert was opened by the director, a new occurrence in the classic calendar. The new director was full of spirit and provided a lively interpretation in the opening of the concert. Hopes filled the air and from the look of things this was a new beginning for the orchestra. I noted the art in performance and music which exemplified a true classical presentation of all times with a touch of modern classics. The synergy in the modern classics was evident and this was backed up by the attire worn by the artists. The instrumentation was perfect and the soloists took control of the composition. The cool weather provided the artists with a chance to show their moves and energy in the music.

Exhilarating Performance by Veronika Eberle

The debut performance by Veronika Eberle was exhilarating. She joined the New Generation Artist scheme on the year 2010 with a recommendation from Sir Simon Rattle. Together they had performed Beethoven Concerto with the Berlin Philharmonic in 2006 when she was only 17. She performed the same piece with Simon at the LSO concert in London. The performance was amazing and the crowd couldn’t stop cheering. Veronika’s classic with sir Simon is a dynamic and memorable performance. Her tone and attention in terms of verses, line and shape were detailed. To me she was an expert in her own field and I can’t get tired listening to her. She had all the qualities of a Bach player and she highlighted a true spirit of a Baroque violin repertoire. The future of classics is evident from such artistic performance which combines style of art with modern cultural events. Classic music is formed on basis of spirit as dedication and hard work plays a crucial part.

British Composers and Their Showcase

The Rattle is a chance for the British composers to step in a showcase their classical music. The event allowed composers to curate their music at the backstage and used the Barbican show to present them. The fanfare done by Helen Grime was instrumental in perfecting art and ensuring that the audience is entertained. The cultural mix was crucial in presenting divergent classical mix and different formations of melody. I experienced a live performance with a taste of the Barbican input. The cinematic, perspectives and insights presented were unique and new. The reflection in the performance was accommodating for the diverse audience as all ages was represented. The performance representing a classical era was also well represented by some complex composition representing the Mozart effects. The symphonies and expression of sacred masterpiece brought to life the traditional Allegro tempo.

The Magical Symphony

The tempo in the sounds was backed by the sounds of trumpets, horns and strings. The orchestra was well composed and it manifestation in the sounding was evident. The melody was brought up by the violins, violas, cellos and basses. The tempo of the performance took my moods and I kept nodding to the rhythm. It was a catchy experience and the individual feelings were caught up in the overall performance. Emotional anticipation and stimulation took center stage of the every live performance. I was touched with art and anticipated to always come to see more. Though the cheering audience took much of my concentration I could identify some sounds and make some distinction in the rhythmic movements. Both ascending and descending tones took effect of both passions expressed as excitement and soothing relevance at the lowest tones. In general, the symphony expressed divergent feelings depending on the composition and the intention of the composers. Consistence in the performance was backed by the cool environment and the supportive crowds. The artists were calm and their experience proved worthwhile in their performances and command of the crowd.

A Limitless Concert Experience

My experience in the LSO concert was amazing. Though I did not take part in the full 10 days event, my two days experience sums it up all. The organization showed a true leadership and the artistic experience. The arrangement and inclusive events ensured that everyone’s classical desires were satisfactory. I can’t help but appreciate the artists who ensured that their compositions were perfect and that the performance soothes the taste of the audience and relevance. The enabling environmental conditions were perfect for the concert and it made it to be without any limits.

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