The Summary of Richard Fenno

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Richard Fenno tells the listener of the constituency’s view through the post. As such, he emphasizes a constituency’s conceived perception as a district that can be represented in four different viewpoints. They are the geographical constituency, the constituency of re-election, the main constituency, and the personal constituency. Based on the definitions, each legislative member has created a plan to respond to each of the constituency groups. The strategies ensure that the members of congress have what it takes to define themselves as well as establish a relationship with whom they associate with at the constituency level which implies interacting with an entire population within the districts or constituency boundary.
The congressman in response to the management of their constituency and constituents ensure that one essential aspect is integral and relates to another. For example, if the geographical constituency is seen as a location and boundary, the other aspect becomes its particular internal makeup. Such internal make-ups are described by the congressmen in respect to political science aspects. These constitutes understanding of demographics and the political variables such as socio-economic structure, political ideologies, the constituents’ ethnicity, the residential patterns, religion ,stability and their diversity.

Concluding remarks of the article are to reveal the professional duty of the congressmen to the constituency at the expense of their families. Above all, the article informs the audience that congress representation is the most representative institution. The representation accounts for integrating different people with different cultural diversities, ethnicity through maintaining contact with the constituency members. Members should participate in the consensus building by learning to accept respective responsibilities to result in collective performance and achievement of common objectives. Nonetheless, the congress is urged explain to the people the requirements that enable the institution to be collective and fair.

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