The silent library

The way we study privately and the environment we study in affects how well we function in school. It is inappropriate to study in a noisy or distracting environment. The majority of schools have designated study spaces with all the books a student might need for a reference library in any topic. To encourage effective learning, the environment is designed to be calm and unobtrusive. A library is one such structure. I think of it as a repository for information. The library is regarded as the center and the soul of many academic organizations. Hence, schools are often judged by their libraries because they are places where students can extract knowledge. If a library is outdated and has old books, students will have outdated knowledge. Therefore, it is recommended that every academic institution keeps its library updated. Simply defined, a library is a building that contains collections of magazines, books, computers, and papers. The library is the most meaningful place to me because it marked the turning point of my academic life. It helped me to realize the best way to read and improve my performance.

A library is a temple of knowledge, and it is beneficial to individuals who need to improve their academic performance or who need diverse knowledge. To scholars, a library is a significant place in their lives because it is where knowledge is preserved, and it is the only area where information can be extracted and used to develop people. Some individuals go to the library to read entertaining writings, while others go for revision and to study for their assessment so they can perform well. To me, a library is a transformative place for my academic life because it allowed me to concentrate and gain knowledge from books.

In the library, I realized that students who could not afford to purchase revision materials could find them there. It is a place that offers equal chances for the proper performance of students from humble backgrounds and students from well-off families. There is also a system that enables students to borrow books and return them after some time. It lets them gather knowledge that makes them excel. To me, it felt like a secret that had been hidden from me had been revealed. All that I needed to have an honorable life was there. The library offered me a second chance to prove to the world that I can excel and be successful in life. I was inspired, and in time, I developed a reading habit. The library study room offered the best atmosphere and many times I even forgot to take my meals. The library kept me updated on new ideas, inventions, daily happenings, and discoveries. It became a life-changing place for me.

Since I was a freshman, I have been looking for the best place to study where I could grasp all the concepts without disruption. I used to perform poorly because of not taking time to research, and whenever I did, it was a place full of noise, therefore, and I took knowledge from my books. My parents struggled to pay my school fee, but I was not performing well. It was not a pleasant thing to me, and I sought to improve my grades. More effort is required to get good grades. I had to set out more time for personal studies so that I could excel. My life gained the positive kind of change I wished for when I realized that the library was the best place to study.

My first day in the library was a beautiful experience because it was my initial contact with the surroundings. The first thing I established about the library is that it is one of the most important areas of every academic institution. It offers students a place to use their leisure time positively. Instead of students spending time chatting with friends and influencing each other negatively, a library experience affects students positively and broadens their knowledge and thinking capacity by providing new ideas and thoughts.

As I walked gracefully along the corridor towards the library, the atmosphere began to change from a noisy and disruptive environment to a quiet and peaceful surrounding. I was welcomed by the unfamiliar massive doors of the library. I stepped in and looked around, and I could see groups of people studying and some were discussing in a low tone. On the floor of the library, a well-fitted carpet had been laid. It was thick and comfortable in such a way that the sound of people walking cannot be heard, so students are not distracted from their studies. Books are arranged alphabetically, and they all have a label, which helps students identify them quickly. With the advancements in technology, computers let students search for the books they need using the book titles. It saves time and promotes efficiency when using the library. The wood furniture is well-made—including the tables and the chairs—which makes students comfortable while studying. The library always provides updated newspapers, which keeps students informed about what is happening around the world and the trending issues in social media.

At the back of the library, there were large windows on both sides letting in light that made the interior of the building as bright as a blister. The look was magnificent and outstanding. On the walls were artistic drawings of the architecture of the library which blended well with the white walls of the building. Artificial plants and trees stood in almost all corners of the library, bringing a sense of nature combined with the fresh smell of the red flowers which blossomed from the vase. The place was silent except for the moving breeze and singing birds on the trees.

The library was divided into sections with regards to the areas of study. Mathematics, Business Studies, Biology, History, and all other subjects were allocated rooms so that the students could find it easy to access books to read. The books were organized in coded numbers so that students used less time looking for the books they required. There was also a section designated for reading up to date newspapers, journals, and magazines. The couch was comfy and as soft as velvet.

Upstairs, there was a receptionist with a computer for finding the books that could not be located physically. On the left side, there was a door that led to the room that contained historical documents ranging from project proposals done by former students and research done by different thematic leaders in the university. The room was cold as a result of the low temperature pumped in from the air conditioner. The smell inside was as sweet as a daisy. The different wooden pieces each made a different purpose. There were a high table and chairs for those who wanted to use their computers. There were also chairs near the windows for those who wished to study with the natural light. The bright bulbs lit all corners of the room like the sharp rays of the sun. The windows in the room added more light to the room than the electric bulbs. Further at one corner, there were a group of students discussing in low tones and the seriousness in their faces could tell how much they were committed to their studies. I was attracted by the neat arrangement of the documents dated back to the late nineties. Some of the papers were as old as Methuselah. The dust on some of the books showed how long they had stayed in the library.

I moved into the next room which was meant for studies alone. There were no books in this place, making it vast and had proper ventilation. The room smelt a new idea just as I walked in. It was a quiet place that enabled students to think freely without disturbance and come up with brilliant ideas to solve problems in the society. It was the best place to develop knowledge. The smell of the perfumes and cologne of the students in the room hit my face. The different odors from different corners of the room made it feel lively.

Since I liked reading novels, I moved down the spiral stairs to pick one on the shelf so that I could settle down and read. Touching the smooth binding of books made me see them from another perspective. The thin and overused papers gave the books a strange new look. The weight and the thickness of the books differed. Some of the books were light while others were heavy, making it difficult to carry around. The old tables I sat on were rough and had sharp splinters which I could see and feel. I sat on the couch, cracked the book open and began reading. I am usually a fast reader, but this time I reduced the pace to experience the quietness of the room. I crossed my legs, pulled my arms on the armrest of the couch and leaned back to read. My eyes got fixed on the white pages and the black letterings. The beauty of the library was the freedom to think and do what you want, freedom to make decisions. It is the feeling that I got while in the library. For some reasons, people may say that the place is boring, but it is the best place for studying. It provides serenity for those who want to read without disturbance. The library is an epitome of silence. I turned the page and almost unconsciously cut myself. It does not bother me much so I placed the cut finger to my lips and licked the salty, crimson liquid away trying to accommodate the pain that I got in my body. Several minutes later, I went back to reading the novel. The clock ticks by, seconds turn to minutes and then hours. I could tell the library is closing by the sound of the shuffling and footsteps against the tiled floor.

Changes I have made

I have made an objective description of the library to make the reader get the picture of how it looks. I have also given the mean of the word library by not using an objective or subjective description. In the essay, I have removed the part that indicated that I was getting annoyed by my performance and replaced it with a more elaborate explanation of the reason why I had poor grades. The main reason that I have stated is the lack of a peaceful environment to study. I have also arranged my work in an organized manner so that every paragraph contains one particular content or argument. In the first section, I have made an introduction to the meaning of a library. In the subsequent paragraphs which is the body of the essay, I have described my personal experience in the library and also the way it looks from the outside, entrance, and the interior of the building. The description continues until the last paragraph which concludes and summaries the experience. When writing the essay, I have only concentrated on describing the library and not the librarians that are working the place or the building next to it. My focus is on the interior setting of the library. I have also avoided vague statements that make picturing the library a challenge. In the essay, I have added some figurative speeches like similes and metaphors to make the library appear in mind. I have reduced the redundancies in the first and the second paragraphs. I have also added a more descriptive title to the essay as suggested in the comments. However, I have retained some of the paragraphs because they objectively described the library. Another part that I have kept is the experience gotten from the library.

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